10 Best Fitness Band India 2017 – Health Bands Compared

10 Best Fitness Band India 2017 – Health Bands Compared

10 Best Fitness Band India 2017 – Health Bands Compared – Health and Fitness is something which everyone is looking forward to focus in 2017. Smartphones and Fitness bands are the new rage and everyone wants to get one.

10 Best Fitness Band India 2017

From people who want to be serious about their fitness regime and people who want to just count calories and measure the amount of exercise they are doing can buy fitness band, use their Android or Apple smartphone to track the live data and take corrective actions to improve health.

In this list we are starting with some of the smart health bands which you can buy at an affordable price of Rs. 1000 to Rs. 2000. Later on we will add to this list fitness bands in the price range of Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 10,000.

1. MI Band


10 Best Fitness Band India 2017 – Mi Band from Xiaomi is the cheapest fitness band currently with a pricing of just 799 INR.

The MI band is simple and just have the tracking function, there is no display, or voice guidance for interaction , just a tracker module with LEDs and a vibrator to get your attention. It is the simplest of all the bands and one of the top selling Fitness band below Rs. 1000.

There is nothing to fiddle with this band, which provides a benefit of long battery life.  All tracker details needs to be checked through a smartphone , unless you have a habit of leaving your smartphone at home, this band is considered to be barely useful. There is an Mi APP which is used to display all the information in your smartphone and is paired with the Mi band using bluetooth.

Since it performs only the basic tracking function, which some smartphones with an accelerometer and a GPS can do. The band can however track and analyse sleep patterns.

The tracker module is detachable and multiple color band options are available for the Mi Band.

The tracker module is rated IP67 allowing to monitor your calories while swimming as well.

The band strap is claimed to be made of, anti microbial material , ensuring hygene and suits well for allergic skin.

 Supported Function MI BAND

  • 3 step LED indicators.
  • Sleep pattern Analysis.
  • Vibration alert.
  • Code less phone unlock.
  • IP 67 certified.
  • Compatible with Android and iPhone.
  • 15-20 days battery back up.

2).  YU FIT


10 Best Fitness Band India 2017 –  It’s the first ever wearable from the Indian smartphone vendor Yu.  The YU fit is priced competitively against the Xiaomi’s MI band with a price tag of 999 INR. A tiny display adds little value to the YU, YU fit and seems like a better option than MI band. The band is available for purchase on Amazon India.

The Yu Fit band works with the Healthifyme App which is quite intuitive and comes with lots of features. The app is available on google play-store for free and can be used with any smartphone. There is also a Yufit App also which is developed by Yu. Battery life is about 10 days.

Apart from having a display, YU fit is not as accurate as per some of initial user feedback with inaccuracy in distance covered, calorie count etc.

May be a calibration issue with the pedometers, but there is no answer from YU regarding these kind of glitches, at least the company may fix these issues with upcoming batches. You may wait for some more time before buying the YuFit as it does have some calibration and sync concerns.

Supported Functions Yu Fit

  • Sleep monitoring
  • Call notification
  • Remote access smartphone (ring, video or image capture)
  • OLED Display
  • Healtifyme App
  • Compatiblity- Android
  • Battery life
  • Water protection – uncertified
  • Built material – Plastic

3). Enerz Go Fit


Go Fit is another low budget fitness tracker priced at 1149 INR . The band comes with a rectangular display, with 128*128 pixel count.

The smart band provides data recall function for last seven days, the tracker module stays fixed to the strap, and doesn’t have protection against water.

The band is built of silicone and weighs 20 grams. The health band is capable of calculating steps covered , calories and walking distance.

It also analyses sleep pattern and provides data about sleep quality. The Enerz Go Fit  also intimates about everyday goals on your work out session. The battery life is claimed to be two weeks for a single charge. The accuracy for the band is good and much better than the YuFit, you can expect 90 to 95% accuracy from the band, the low point is that the band is not waterproof.

Supported Functions Enerz Go Fit

  • Rectangular 128*128 pixel display.
  • Data storage for last 7 days.
  • Sleep pattern analysis.
  • 1 year Warranty .
  • Compatible with Android and iOS.
  • 6 days battery back up.
  • Silicone material.

 4). Noise Trace

5 Best Fitness Band India 2016

10 Best Fitness Band India 2017 – Noice trace looks lot like a traditional watch with a large circular display. The display is composed of 128*128 LED pixels . making it easy to monitor the activities.

The Noise trace can be controlled by double tapping the screen, moving through info requires tapping the screen multiple times.

The device uses 3 Axis accelerometer as a tracking sensor, it also comes with several useful features like ring alarm when smartphone goes out of Bluetooth coverage, call on smartphone alert etc. The Noise Trace fitness band is priced at RS 1499

Supported Functions Noise Trace

  • Anti lost alarm for smartphone.
  • Call, SMS notification.
  • Sleep time recording.
  • Pedometer.
  • Calorie count.
  • Water Resistant
  •  Compatible With Android and IOS.
  • 24 grams weight
  • 6 Days battery life.
  • 6 Months Warranty.

5). Swipe F band

5 Best Fitness Band India 2016

The low end smartphone manufacturer Swipe has recently launched its fitness band dubbed swipe F band,

The Swipe F band is priced at 1499 INR and is available only on Snapdeal. It offers the same features like the similar bands in this price range.

The band doesn’t look appealing and comes with a dotted design.  It has a circular display, and looks like a normal digital watch. The straps were available in two colors red and blue.

Swipe also has made a F Band Android app for pairing. The F Band tells about the sleep quality and also gives suggestions on improvement. The band also acts as a reminder for pre planned activities. The battery will last for 7 days in a single charge.

Supported Functions Swipe F Band

  • Circular LED display.
  • Step count.
  • F-Band Mobile APP
  • Sleep quality monitor.
  • Call reminder
  • 7 days battery back up

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