How Can These Hard Drives Sell on Prices less than 50% of original?

Yesterday I was surfing through the Facebook feed and some of the members in Candytech Group and page informed me about some crazy deals on the external portable hard drives. So I got a bit curious and looked into it.

1, 2 TB Seagate and WD Drives for Rs 1500 on Amazon? Possible Fraud?

Seagate 1 TB Portable hard drive was available from Amazon India for Rs. 1500, from a usual of Rs. 3900. Later on the price for the hard drive even dropped further and it was available for Rs. 1300.

Initially I thought it might be a mistake and the order will not go through but it was not.

I even checked on Flipkart if there is some special discount going on hard drives, or some sort of clearance sale but the prices looked rationale for 1/1.5/2 TB drives.

After some time, around 9 pm the prices on Amazon became normal, and we thought it was probably a glitch in the system which is corrected.

However, in the morning on Sunday, I again recieved a message on our FB page that the 2 TB Seagage drive is available for Rs. 2100 and the 1.5 TB drive is available for just Rs. 1500.

So, I re-checked and found the information to be true and for the sake of verifying it, we ordered a drive to see if the order is accpeted. To my surprise the order was accpeted and the confirmation email from Amazon is also recieved.

Based on our analysis, there are two sellers storage_enterprise and rite com who are selling different drives from both Seagate and WD at very low rates.

I believe it is some sort of trick by the seller, so to safe guard others we have also raised the issue with Amazon and they have retweeted back to check and correct it immediately.

Amazon India Reply to the Issue

We are still waiting for a confirmation from Amazon about the issue resolution but at the time of writing this article (9:00 am, 3rd June 2018) the hard drives are still available at the cheapest price, I have ever seen.

Also, we are still wondering what will Amazon do with orders that are already placed for these hard drives? Will the company honor these orders and ship the drives at a discounted rate? But another major question is why there is such a lapse, which can potentially impact many innocent buyers.

Besides, there needs to be some sort of system to check if such mischief is done by a seller or in case it is genuine mistake or a human error. We will keep you posted on the matter when we get some update from Amazon India or if we see correction happening to the prices.

So, One more Key Question? Should you order these hard drives. I would suggest not to buy it, since Amazon may cancel these orders, and in case you are ordering, do it at your own risk.

Stay tuned for more tech news on Candytech India.

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  1. This could be an old refurbished item or a drive that is already dead…or worse it could a fake chinese copy of original item.Orders from Such sellers are usually the ones are not fulfilled by Amazon. So avoid these New sellers who have does not have rating.

    • Yes true Sachin but it is odd that Amazon was allowing this to happen even after the issue was reported by several people

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