All the facts in this article are based on a Consultation Paper from Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, originally published in September 2014.

Notably, all the details published in this article are 100% accurate and as TRAI shares the report.  Nevertheless, in case you find some figures non-digestible, then you can go to TRAI website and dig more into the subject.

Let’s Explore some of the exciting facts about the Internet, Telecom and Mobile users in India.

10 Astonishing Facts about Mobile Users in India

1)  How Many People in India have access to Telecom?

There are 95.76 Crore active telecom connections (Wireless + Wireline)

  • 93 Crore out of these are Mobile users while 2.7 crores are Landline users

2) How many People in Urban Towns have Telecom connections?

  • Out of 93 Crore total users, about 56.9 Crore are there in Urban Areas.

3) How many People in Rural India Have Telecom Connections?

  • In the rural, there are 38.8 Core telecom connections.

4)  How many People are using Double Sims and more than One mobile?

Urban Teledensity is 148% – Every 2 persons in Urban India are using 3 Sims or connections between them.

Rural Teledensity is 45% – Every 2 person in Rural India has 1 Sim or mobile connection.

10 Astonishing Facts about Mobile Users in India

5) How Many People Have Access to Internet?

Out of 100 people, around 20 people have access to internet in India

There are about 25.4 Crore people with active internet connection

6) How Many People have High-Speed internet in India?

  • 5 Crore people have high-speed broadband or 3G connection.

7) How many Use 2G internet or slow speed connection in India?

As per Trai, about 18 Crore still have access to the internet through the low speed or 2G connection.

8) How Much data Avg Internet user use in a month?

Beleive me; It is an astonishing number, only 77 MB /month data, Avg. of GSM+CDMA users.

In the United States in 2008 the data consumption was only 149 MB per user.

Now it is whooping 2000 MB (2 GB) per user, per month, and expected to reach 3.3 GB by 2016 as per a recent survey.

10 Astonishing Facts about Mobile Users in India

9 ) How Much money an Average Mobile User spend in a Month on Recharge?

It is only Rs. 116.7 for prepaid subscribers while postpaid users spend a significantly higher sum of Rs. 580

10) How Many Minutes an Average Indian Talk on Mobile? 

It is 376 minutes per month both out-going and incoming put together.

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