10 Best Features of Xiaomi MIUI 7.0 You Will LOVE

Best Features of Xiaomi MIUI 7.0

Xiaomi has finally unveiled its new version of Android OS MIUI 7.

 MIUI has been around since the days we had the old Android Froyo, it has evolved constantly and now it has reached its 7th major version the MIUI 7. Hugo Barra of Xiaomi unveiled the new OS in New Delhi @ Hotel Lalit International.

Hugo Barra said that he is glad to share that the 750 engineers and programmers have helped in creating the new upgraded MIUI 7.0 for the 150,000,000 Xiaomi users worldwide.

10 Best Features of Xiaomi MIUI 7 You Will LOVE

Why were Xiaomi Fans Unhappy at MIUI 7 Launch?

Xiaomi fans are not happy at the event as the anticipated Xiaomi Mi Note 2 to get launched but didn’t happen. Xiaomi actually can’t launch any of the MediaTek processor-powered mobiles in India due to a patent infringement case filed by Ericsson on Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 4g image

That was the only reason they recalled the launch of Xiaomi Redmi Note 3G which was also powered by the MediaTek processor. Indian CEO of Xiaomi Manu Jain recently shared the hard times they have faced due to the case and How difficult it was for them to do a product recall. I don’t anticipate that Xiaomi will be able to bring the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 to the Indian market any sooner.

MIUI 7.0 – Awesomeness Awaits

The MIUI 7 is based on Android Lollipop and offers more features and visuals with the material design inherited from the Lollipop. MIUI bought the color to Android devices during the days while the stock Android was running on the black and white menu, now it provides several cool features to enhance your smartphone experience.

Devices Supported MIUI 7.0 – The great news is that Xiaomi is going to roll out the MIUI 7 on all the older smartphones as well like the Mi3, Redmi 1s, Redmi 2 as well. The new smartphones like Mi4, Mi4i, Redmi Note 4G and Redmi 2 Prime will get the Android Lollipop and MIUI 7.0 OS. Indeed this is a really positive move by the company which has made sure that existing buyers also get the benefit of the new OS enhancements.

What’s new in MIUI

Gorgeous looks, faster performance, customization and extended battery life is what the new  MIUI  7 brings to the Xiaomi Android devices.

10 Best Features of Xiaomi MIUI 7 You Will LOVE MIUI 7.0 themes 10 Best Features of Xiaomi MIUI 7 You Will LOVE


Everyone has their own taste in terms of how their smartphones are supposed to look and operate, that’s why Xiaomi ‘s new MIUI 7 comes with 4 different custom UI design named as  Pink blush, Ocean breeze, High life and the standard MIUI 7.0 version.  You can personalize the look and feel of your smartphone based on your mood.

Miui 7.0 icon set Material design Miui 7.0

And the customization doesn’t stop there; you will get thousands of themes available to download to match your personality and taste.


Faster performance is what people want from their smartphone, whether scrolling through the photos on your gallery or switching between Apps all we expect is rocket speed performance, that’s what MIUI gives with its 30 % faster response time by optimizing the Apps to load animations and data simultaneously.

Performance Comparison Video MIUI 7.0 :

Extended Battery

The MIUI 7 claims to give 10% more battery by maintaining a single waking time for All apps instead of leaving the Apps to wake the CPU at their own time, for example, if you have Facebook and Whats app installed in your phone, both the Apps wakes up the CPU at their own (different) time which causes the CPU to use more power, but in MIUI 7 the CPU sets its own waking time for all apps at once, which is quite a smart approach to save power.

Better battery Life

XXL Text

If you are a “chat while walk”personality, then this feature will be most useful  for you , this feature enables you to change the Fonts size from S to XXL (S, M, L, XL, XXL) so you don’t need to bring your phone close to your  face to read the small fonts. An excellent feature for older people, who may like to read a larger text.


Baby album

 Parents love clicking photos of their child’s activities, but its little frustrating if the photos get lost among the hundreds of others, that’s why MIUI created this unique feature, that recognizes your baby’s face and creates a separate album and make it easier to browse them.

Baby Album MIUI 7

Child Mode

If you don’t want your kids to access Facebook or Whatsapp on your mobile when they like to play games. MIUI 7.0 offers you the best solution with the customization of having a Child mode to ensure that your emails and other data is safe even when your 5-year-old is playing games on your Xiaomi Smartphone.

10 Best Features of Xiaomi MIUI 7 You Will LOVE


Now instead of using a Still image as caller ID, users can take a 5 sec video and send it to their contacts and make them as their caller ID on other devices.

Showtime MIUI 7.0

Lock screen features

Android Lollipop may show you Notifications on your lock screen, but the MIUI 7 goes a bit further and allows you to play even games or tunes right from your lock screen, which can be customized based on the theme you are using.

Lockscreen Music MIUI 7.0

For developers

Developers can easily create themes of their own interest without complex coding, just with a visual interface creating a theme and lock screen contents will be straightforward


The MIUI 7 will be available for all the Xiaomi devices sold in India including the Redmi 1s, There is no exact announcement related to the release date but the Beta tests begins on Monday, and will be released for all supported device at the same time.

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