10 Exciting IOS9 Features You Will Love

The iOS 9 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to Release on September 16 and will be available for download for Apple users.

Yesterday we had the unveiling of the new Apple devices the iPhone 6s and the 6s Plus. Other products which were showcased was the strange 12.99 inch Apple iPad Pro.

The new apple tv which comes with a remote that has many new functionalities and make the user experience even better.

10 Exciting IOS9 Features You Will Love

Apple is also going to release the new version of OSX the EL Capitan.  Windows 10 has upped the bar for Apple this time around, and a lot of users want to use the Apple hardware with Windows 10.  Apple would really have to roll up sleeves and make the new OS stand out.

OS 9 is going to bring some cool features and will be loaded on the new iPad Pro and iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.  The iOS 9 will also be released for the older Apple devices.

Here are some of the cool features I liked in the new IOS 9, and you may also like them.

10 Exciting IOS9 Features You Will Love

1) Apple Search – The new apple search is something similar to the Google Play and offers, contextual search and offer location-based suggestions like nearby coffee shops, parking spots and gas stations. It is quite similar to the google now which Google introduced it long back with the Android KitKat.

10 Exciting IOS9 Features You Will Love

2) Apple has announced the Move to iOS’ app on iOS 9 to make it easier than ever for Android users to switch to an iPhone – In a move to target the Android users Apple has announced that it will be much easier for the Android Users to switch from the Android Ecosystem to the iOS 9. The App ensures that you can get the similar Apps on your Apple smartphone which you have been using on the Android device.  The App helps in transfer of your data, photos, messages, email settings from Android to Apple.  This is a very smart move to enable the high-end Android users to jump to the iOS 9 with a smooth transition.

Move to IOS App Apple IOS9

3) Apple Music With Beats 1 Radio Announced; $10 Per Month, 3 Months of Free Trial – Apple at WDDC announced the new streaming service which you can enjoy for three months free.  The Apple Music will offer three essential services

10 Exciting IOS9 Features You Will Love

  1. Music Streaming
  2. World Wide live Radio Station
  3. A new way for fans to connect to the Music Artists.

In the process, Apple has also killed large Music streaming service like Spotify or Pandora which is vastly popular among Apple iPhone Users. Pay Apple $10 a month and listen to unlimited music. Or better, pay them $15 a month, and have up to six family members use Apple Music.

4) Developers Do not require membership to test the New Apps on the IOS9 – Xcode 7 and swiftkey makes it easier for the developers to create new APPs and test on the Apple IOS 9.  The developer can sign in using the Apple id, and there is no need for the Apple developer program membership.

5) Apple iPad Gets MultiTasking with iOS 9 – Apple’s Craig Federighi said that “iPad has always supported forms of multitasking.” but for iOS 9 they’re “taking it to a whole new place.” Apple is calling this as split view, and it offers 2 Apps to be used simultaneously by the user and can be resized depending upon user preference.

Ipad split view

6) IOS 9 is Sweet and Small update – Apple also announced that unlike iOS 8, which required 4GB free space on devices to glean the over-the-air update, iOS 9 will only ask for 1.4GB of free space. This was one of the major issue with the IOS 8 adoption still as per Apple the adoptions is as high as 83% on iOS8.

7) Power Saving Mode – Apple also announced that the new IOS 9 will offer the power saving mode which will enhance the battery life up to 3 hours.

8) Contact Identification – In case you are getting a call from a known number which you have not saved in your phone but exist somewhere in your emails. Your phone will be able to identify the contact and suggest the name of contact at real time when you are getting a call from that number.

9) IOS 9 Maps – The maps are getting an uplift in the IOS 9 with entrance to metro and transit system properly marked on the map, also help for planning the trip from one location with suggestion of transit options. Maps can offer a combination of transport options like trains , buses , walking to reach to destination faster. It will also show nearby places for parking and eating and gas stations to help you commute better.

Apple Maps

10) Notes App Kills the EverNote – The inbuilt Notes app in the IOS 9 will offer more features like sketching using a finger and create to-do lists.  You can take notes as well as create a TO-DO list with reminders to ensure everything gets done faster.

The App will also allow users to insert images in notes wherever you require all the features we liked in the Evernote APP are going to come in the Apple Notes APP.

Notes Apple

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