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10.OR G Review A Dual Camera Performance Phone On Tight Budget


The 10.OR G is the second mobile launched by the brand 10.OR in India. The mobile was unveiled on 27th September 2017 and is available for purchase from Amazon exclusively.

10.OR G Review

The device comes in two variants and price is as follows:

  • 10.OR G 32 GB / 3 GB RAM – Price Rs. 10,999.
  • 10.OR G 64 GB storage / 4 GB Ram – Price Rs. 12,999.

Key Highlight Features

  • Dual Rear Cameras
  • 16 MP Selfie Camera
  • Great Battery Life
  • Snapdragon 626 Processor

We have earlier reviewed the 10.OR E  and found it to be an impressive all-rounder in the sub 10K price range.

The 10.OR G has lots of differences when compared to the 10.OR E. For starters the 10.OR G feels much more premium and well-built compared to the 10.OR E. Of course there are several improvements in hardware and optics which totally justify the additional price tag.

The 10.OR G competes with the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, Lenovo K6 Power and even the Huawei Honor 6X in the sub 13k price range.

Let’s Begin the 10.OR G Review to find out how it performs compared to its rivals.

Design & Display

We have the grey color variant of the 10.OR G and it is also available in the black color. The device comes with a metallic back cover and has a fingerprint scanner placed below the Dual Rear cameras.

The rear panel has 2 chrome lines for separating the upper and bottom antenna area from the main back cover.

10 OR G Review 9 10 OR G Review 2 10 OR G Review 1

There are Dual Cameras aligned vertically and also comes with a Dual-tone LED Flash. The front side is rather plain, and there are no physical home button or capacitive touch keys.

There is a front flash located beside the top earpiece. The 10.OR G weighs 170 grams and measures 8.5 mm in thickness.

Overall the device feels good to hold and easy to use and is also not very bulky or thick.

On one side there is the power button and the volume rocker, while the other side has a Dual sim hybrid tray which can either hold 2 sim cards or 1 sim card and a micro-sd card.

Display –  The 10.OR G comes with a vibrant 5.5 Inch display panel with Full HD resolution. There is also 2.5D curved glass coating on top of the display. There is also Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection which prevents any unwanted scratches on the device.

Overall the display panel used looks good with accurate colors and is sufficiently bright. Notably, the display is much better compared to the 10.OR E and at par with the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4.

10 OR G Review 3

User Experience and OS

The 10.OR G comes with the Android Nougat 7.1.2 OS with stock Android experience. It already has the August Android security patch, and 10.OR has also said the device will get the Android Oreo 8.0 update soon.

When you start the phone, you need to do a sign up for Amazon, as it is made mandatory to log in to your Amazon account apart from signing into Google account.

There are hardly any apps installed by the manufacturer to bloat the device. There is Amazon Apps like – shopping, Kindle and Prime Videos and there is also a 10.OR care app which is preloaded apart from the standard Google Apps. (Google Apps include – Gmail, Youtube, Drive, Maps, Movies, Photos, etc..)

The User interface is smooth, and the processor and ram management is also good. There are hardly any features apart from the stock Android to talk about, and those who like the natural feel of Google OS will like to use this device.

Others looking for a more customized experience or tons of options will miss those on the 10.OR G.

Surfing and jumping from one App to another is pretty smooth, and there are no gripes or lags while using the phone.


The 10.OR G is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 626 processor clocked at 2.21 GHz and comes with the Adreno 506 GPU. We got the 4 GB Ram and 64 GB Storage version.

Typically, you have 1.5 to 1.8 GB of free ram, and the device shows 52 GB of internal storage free to store media.


We played Games like Need for Speed, and Asphalt 8 on the device and things look pretty smooth with consistent frame rates. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 626 Lives up to its reputation and the Adreno 506 is a superb handler of games.

10 OR G Review 5

More importantly, the device becomes mildly warm even after long gaming sessions, and there are no heating issues to report back.

Antutu Score

The Antutu score is as expected for the phone and it scored 65904 on the benchmark, slightly ahead of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 or the Mi A1.

GeekBench Score

The 10.OR G has a score of 846 for the single core test and boasts of 4241 for the multi-core performance test on GeekBench.


The camera App comes with features like HDR support which tend to improve the quality of images, especially in the outdoor good light conditions.

There are modes like portrait, landscapes, sports and night which can be used depending on the situation.

Camera APP Preview

10 OR G Review 8 10 OR G Review 7 10 OR G Review 6

You can also control the ISO, Exposure and white balance if you want to have a more controlled image. There are also features like face detection and beauty mode which you can toggle on or off.

There are also some color effects which can be used like monochrome and sepia. The rear camera can record up to 60 FPS, 1080P footage and also comes with some sort of EIS which don’t work as intended to make the footage less shaky.

The 10.OR G comes with 13 Megapixel Dual camera setup at the back, and there is also a Dual Tone LED Flash.

One of the cameras comes with a monochrome lens while the other comes with an RGB lens.

We tested the camera in different light conditions both indoor and outdoor and here are some of the sample shots taken from the Dual rear camera.

Sample Shots Clicked On 10.OR G

Portrait Shots Using the Dual Camera Lens on the 10.OR G – If you observe the background blur works, though at times it can blur the edges of your clothes or hair. You will have to take multiple shots; some will have the edge blurring, while others can be free from this issue.

camera Sample 10.or G ( camera Sample 10.or G (

There is a post-processing slider available on the camera App which allows you to set how much background blur you need in your image.

This feature is not present on the Xiaomi Mi A1, there is a standard amount of blur set by the camera, and it is not possible to reduce or increase the blur amount manually.

The common issue of Dual camera portrait shots is edge blurring of the subject, which is also a concern for the 10.OR G dual cameras.

Below Are Shots in the indoor low light conditions – There is apparently some noise, but the shots are not bad.

camera Sample 10.or G ( camera Sample 10.or G ( camera Sample 10.or G (

Shots Clicked in Good Light conditions seems to be much better with good and more natural color reproduction. In the second shot, you see the portrait mode function blurring some part of the subject.

camera Sample 10.or G ( camera Sample 10.or G (

HDR and Non-HDR Shots

Below image is clicked without HDR with the rear Camera.

camera Sample 10.or G (

The Image Below is clicked using HDR Enabled in the Camera APP – you can spot the difference easily. Below image has more light, better color and contrast, and even slightly more details.

camera Sample 10.or G (

Front Selfie Camera TEST and Samples

If there is something, which sets the 10.OR G apart from its rivals, it is the presence of a 16 Megapixel front selfie camera.

It is pretty good at clicking images in day light with a lot of details, thanks to the higher megapixel count.

Shot Outdoors – A Lot of details are there in the image and color profile is also accurate.

camera Sample 10.or G (

Shot Indoors – A Bit of grain in the background.

camera Sample 10.or G (

Here are a couple of Front camera shots which came with a significant amount of detail and color accuracy. The front camera can record 1080P videos, and sound quality from the video is also passable.

Battery Life and Charging

The device comes with a massive 4000 mAH capacity battery, which easily lasted for me even after watching youtube videos and playing some games.

There is lack of fast charging support, but it is not very slow to charge, takes around 2.5 hours to reach 100%.

Surprisingly, when I first time charged the device, it started emitting a charging beep similar to the usual notification sound. It took some time for me to figure out why the phone was making this beeping noise.

You can disable the charging sound in the settings under the sounds tab.

Call Quality, Connectivity, and Sound

Aforementioned, the 10.OR G comes with Dual sim support; I have been using the Reliance JIO sim card with the mobile.

The call and speaker volume are okay, not too high. There is also a volume boost button, which you can activate to increase the sound, in case you are receiving a call on the loudspeaker.

The bottom speaker is average, though you can see two speaker grills at the bottom, only one grill has the speaker inside it.

The JIO sim works well, and you can make VOLTE calls with a good amount of clarity. The data connectivity and reception is also excellent and works as desired.

I used a couple of earphones to test the sound volume (working on the review for 1 More Piston earphone too) and output from 10.OR G, there are no amplification and overall sound profile is very close to what you get from other devices.

So that’s all the details about the 10.OR G, let’s get to the rating and concluding thoughts.

Rating and Scoring


Concluding Thoughts: 10.OR G Review

What I liked about the 10.OR G:

  1. The Display is decent with good clarity and color profile.
  2. Overall Build Quality is also praiseworthy.
  3. Snapdragon 626 and Latest OS is an added advantage.
  4. It is a performance phone good for social media consumption and playing games with the ability to click socially shareable selfies.

What Could have been better:

Though the 10.OR G is a very decent offering for the price, but the dual rear camera is not as good as some of the more expensive phones offer.

The sound quality and speaker volume is also passable but could have been better.

Overall – For the price the 10.OR G is a wonderful offering by the brand and buyers will enjoy the long battery life and 16 Megapixel selfie camera on this affordable device.

Though it is a new brand and lots of buyers will also have some concerns about the after sales service.

As far as the verdict goes, overall experience has  been wonderful and we recommend it in the 10k to 13k price range.

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