10 Reasons to Upgrade to New MacBook Pro 2016

Apple announced brand new MacBook Pro models at an event in San Francisco on 27th of the October. Three variants were announced during the event. MacBook Pro 13 inch and 15 inch models come with innovative Touch Bar, Touch ID & better Track Pad and Keyboard. The audio jack is still there whereas all that is left for connectivity are 4 USB Type C Thunderbolt (3) ports.

10 Reasons to Upgrade to New MacBook Pro 2016

There are many more important upgrades in the MacBook pro which makes it worthy of an upgrade. Below are the most important and note worthy of all:

10 Reasons to Upgrade to New MacBook Pro 2016

1). Touch Bar: Apple now includes a versatile strip made of retina display , multi-touch that also responds to the gestures and include functions like Wifi connectivity, favorites tab. But it’s function doesn’t end there. The touch bar reportedly adapts to the software displayed on the screen, you will be able to use Special functions. For example when you open safari, the keys on the touch pad change to new tab, favorites, back, forward, reload etc.

When you use keyboard, the touch bar will display words based on the predictions to help you type more easily and faster. When you open up gallery, you will see a preview of the photos on the touch bar itself. Apart from these functions, the touch bar has a dedicated key for the virtual assistant, Siri. The functions displayed on the touch bar are customizable based on your choice.

2). Touch ID: The all-new MacBook Pro comes with Touch ID. It is integrated with the power button and supported by second gen touch id. Apart from this, the Touch ID is supported with the Apple T1 chip includes secure enclave which means you can make any Apple purchase with your fingers on the MacBook Pro within seconds. Also if your MacBook is shared by someone else, it takes seconds to login to another account using Touch ID.

3). Display: The MacBook Pro comes with best-ever retina display which is a precisely designed led multi-layered display to produce a remarkably bright, high contrast picture with a wider colour gamut. The performance of the display is to produce remarkable results with over 67% higher brightness, greater contrast ratio which displays wider colour and 25% greater colour gamut. Above all this, the display is as sleeker as that of a 12 inch Macbook and consumes very less power.

4). Processor: The 15 inch Macbook Pro packs an Intel core i7, 6th Generation, Quad core processor and is clubbed with High Speed DDR4 Ram to ensure better performance. Though we would have liked Apple to use the 7th Gen Kaby Lake processors which are already in market.

5). USB Type C Ports: Though the audio jack is untouched in the all new Macbook, all the connectivity ports are now Thunderbolt USB Type C 3.1 2nd gen ports. That means all the four ports can be used for power, USB, Display Port, HDMI, VGA. Each Thunderbolt 3 port can be connected to a 5K ultra HD display, speakers, camera and microphones all of them through just a single port and can also be charged through this port itself acting like a docking station. Besides, each port can also connect to nearly 96 TB arrayed storage devices.

6). Internal Thermal Design: To maintain the temperature inside such powerful machine, the Macbook pro comes with all new thermal architecture. It is provided with new thermal heat pipes. The fans are provided with new, innovative fan blades making the system much cooler and quieter as well. The sound system is also boosted up considerably with the help of this new architecture. The speakers are put in a way that take up lesser space and put out more volume and fidelity to fill up your room with more dynamic range.

7). Keyboard & Trackpad: The Trackpad is twice as large as that of the older Macbook which means more space for the gestures. The keyboard is also elevated. It is pioneered with 2nd gen butterfly switch mechanism, an improved version of that used on the 12 inch MacBook. This keyboard feels more sensitive, soft and more responsive.

8). Size, Volume, Thickness & Weight: The thickness of the 15 inch variant of the Macbook variant is reduced by 14% making it 15.5 mm thick which results in 20% lesser value. This in return lessened the weight by 1 pound which means, 15 inch Macbook pro weighs just 4 pounds. Whereas the 13 inch variant’s thickness is brought down by 17% making it just 14.9 mm, as same as the MacBook air. This helped in a 23% reduction in volume and half a pound lesser weight, weighing 3 pounds.

9). Performance: With all the upgrades mentioned above, the performance is to elevate magnificently. The specifications suggest a 130% faster & better performance in 3D graphics, 60% better performance in gaming segment and 57% faster performance in video editing for the 15 inch variant. For the 13 inch variant, 76% faster performance in 3D graphics, 76% faster performance in video editing and 103% faster performance while gaming. Apart from these, the USBC ports can manage upto a 40 GBPS bandwidth and 10 GBPS transfer rate for the storage.

  • Apart from the two 15 & 13-inch variants of Macbook pro, another 13-inch non-touch bar Macbook pro is also being offered with better performance and as thin as a MacBook Air.

10) Radeon PRO 400 GPU – The graphics processor for the 15-inch variant is Radeon pro( up to 4 GB) with Polaris architecture whereas the 13-inch variant comes with Intel IRIS graphics, 64 MB SDRAM. These processes are sure to boost up the performance incomparably.

MacBook Pro is estimated to be 6.8 million times faster than Apple’s first ever computer. Yes it is expensive, and not everyone can own one, but once you have used a MacBook Pro, no other laptop will feel as perfect as is the Mac.

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