10 Upcoming Best PS4 Game Titles 2016

The consoles are making there presence stronger year after year and new more engaging, thrilling titles are making way to console gamers. Games are releasing first for the console Gamers like PS4 and Xbox One. The competition between Sony and Microsoft has been blowing out of proportion in the recent years. At the E3 2015, we saw many new PlayStation 4 and Xbox One titles. We earlier shared our list of Top 30 Games you can play on PC this year.

The focus is so much on the console these days that PC games have taken a back seat with little or no PC exclusive games coming, the future is favoring the console Gamers.  We have seen titles like Horizon Until Dawn, Uncharted 4 a Thief’s End, Streetfighter 5 getting released on PlayStation 4 and later making way to other platforms.

Here is a List of Big PS4 Titles which you will be able to play in late 2015 and 2016. Let’s Start with the TombRaider which will actually come first for the Xbox One and later for the PlayStation 4.

1. Rise of The Tomb Raider (2016)

rise of tomb raider3

  • Developer: – Crystal Dynamics.
  • Genre:- Action-adventure.
  • Mode: – Single-player.

It is the sequel to the 2013 game Tomb Raider. It is a third person action-adventure game having many similar features of the earlier game Tomb Raider. The playable character is Lara Croft who travels through fierce environments, facing enemies in the form of wild animals, humans, solving puzzles and raiding tombs using different weapons and gadgets.

The game takes place after the Tomb Raider, where Lara and Jonah search Siberia for the ancient city Kitezh which is believed to hold some mysterious truth about immortality.

rise of tomb raider2

The game will feature crafting feature wherein the players will be able to upgrade their weapons by scavenging parts throughout the game. As shown in the previous instalment the in-game environment will have day-night cycle and weather changes according to which the game will react.

Lara Croft should also protect herself from the fierce environment by making a coat by hunting a wolf for example. One new ability has been added here i.e. swimming which will be a plus point in the combat strategy.

Confusing the enemies by using the environment like hiding in the bushes or avoiding them totally by travelling over the rooftops has been introduced here. The original bow and arrow, pistol and the climbing axe which were a trademark of the Tomb Raider are continued here. An additional hunting knife has been added for melee attacks and stealth kills.

2. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End (2016)

Uncharted 4 a thiefs END

  • Developer: – Naughty Dog.
  • Genre: – Third-person shooter,action-adventure, platform.
  • Mode: – Single-player, multiplayer.

It will be the last entry in the Uncharted series featuring Nathan Drake. The game follows the story 3 years after the Uncharted 3: Drake’s deception. Drake is now settled with his wife and lives a normal life. The story then takes twists and turns as his older brother Sam, who was believed to be dead comes seeking him for help.

10 Upcoming Best PS4 Game Titles 2016

The players experience immense environments as the Drake brothers cover the globe and try to uncover the truth behind a long-lost pirate colony and it’s treasures. As the time passes and Drake’s life takes a turn, he experiences the greatest adventure ever.

His physical and emotional abilities are tested. Will he be willing to sacrifice everything to save the ones he loves??? To know, play the game and experience for yourself.

3. Street Fighter V (2016)

Street Fighter V

  • Developer: – Capcom.
  • Genre: – Fighting.
  • Mode: – Single-player, multiplayer.

You read it right. Nobody can forget the epic Street Fighter series right from its first version. It created a buzz among the gamers when it first came. Now Capcom is working on the fifth version of the Street Fighter series. It is set to release in march 2016. It continues the same style of street fighting with two fighters fighting each other using different skills, combos and special attacks unique to each character.

10 Upcoming Best PS4 Game Titles 2016

The game continues the Ex- Gauge introduced in Street Fighter III. A new gauge, the V-gauge has been introduced in this game and three new techniques namely the V-skill, V-reversals and V-trigger have been added. All the three features greatly increase the character’s abilities by enabling various super moves and combos.

The overall combat has been redesigned with new interactive environments, having various in-game animations and largely optimised graphics which is its plus point.

4. Hell Blade (2016)

Hell Blade

  • Developer: – Ninja theory.
  • Genre: – Action, Hack and slash.
  • Mode: – Single-player.

This game, as Ninja theory says, has been developed over the course of 14 years considering all the principles of hack and slash including brutal ninja combats, powerful story and innovative artworks.

It was announced at Gamescom 2014 and the first trailer was revealed. It has been described as an independent AAA game which means that it will be produced and published independently, but it will have all the qualities of AAA game. The story is based on the Celtic myth and the playable character is Sena.

10 Upcoming Best PS4 Game Titles 2016

The game focuses on her point of view and her journey through an underworld which probably seems to be the creation of her own mind having the mental illness.

The game features dark and thrilling environments with impressive sounds and real-time weather and day and night cycle. The enemies have been designed carefully with a view to scaring the players and impress them at the same time with awesome artwork and creative visualizations.

In all, a new package with the ability to calm down the killer instinct among players is about to come.

5. Horizon: Zero Dawn (2016)

Horizon Zero Dawn

Developer: – Guerrilla games.
Genre: – Role-playing, action adventure.
Mode: – Single-player.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is an open world action-adventure, a role-playing game being developed by Guerrilla games. The storyline follows the earth 1000 years ahead. The war between man and the machine leads to humanity’s downfall. The machines rule the post-apocalyptic land. No signs of the great cities remain only rubble. The playable character, Aloy is a hunter and an archer and belongs to the first tribe to start hunting the machines for survival.

Horizon Zero Dawn image

As the game progresses, Aloy encounters various mechanised enemies such as robotic dinosaurs. The preliminary weapons include a spear and a bow and arrows. Players have the ability to upgrade their weapons by looting dead enemies.

The combat has been designed keeping in mind the hunting styles using various skills and combos, stealth killing and setting different traps. New weapons can also be crafted by collecting the required machine parts throughout the game.

The game features a dynamic day and night cycle, stunning environments and real time weather system along with an open world ready to explore. The game will also feature no loading screens which is a plus point here.

Moving to the fun game which is going to come on the PS4. The next game on our list we have is Tearaway Unfolded.

6. Tearaway Unfolded (Sept 8,2015)

Teardown unfolded

  • Developer: – Media Molecule Tarsier Studios.
  • Genre: – Adventure.
  • Mode: – Single-player.

It is a third person platform game designed for the PS4 which utilises almost all the features of the PS4 controller. The story revolves around a message which has to be delivered by the player. To deliver it, the message itself becomes the messenger and the journey begins.

10 Upcoming Best PS4 Game Titles 2016

The players can choose a male character, Lota or a female character. Atom and travel through a world made of paper. Throughout the journey, the players encounter enemies made of scrap trying to prevent the message from being delivered, but our hero mustn’t stop for he is a messenger.

The touchpad of the PS4 controller finds numerous uses here, like drawing new skins and costumes, throwing paper balls disturbing the environments etc. the touchpad has been efficiently used.

7. Let It Die (2015)

Let it die image

  • Developer: – Grasshopper Manufacture.
  • Genre: – Hack and slash.
  • Mode: – Single-player.

It is a hack and slash video game developed by Grasshopper manufacture. The initial Plot was designed to introduce a character Tae Lori, and was set in the year 2043. The game’s world depicted American as well as Japanese cultures.

10 Upcoming Best PS4 Game Titles 2016

The game was programmed to have an element of growth i.e. slowly levelling up and becoming more and stronger. The initial plot was then changed and the final plot is yet to be announced.

The character Tae Lori has been removed and the game will have a compatible companion app for mobile platforms. The game now features extreme hack and slash. Here, the death of a player is considered important as the name suggests as after dying, the player appears in another player’s world. The game will also have normal AI enemies to encounter. The levelling up system is kept intact.

8. Until Dawn (Aug 25, 2015)

Until dawn

  • Developer: – Supermassive games.
  • Genre: – Survival horror, adventure.
  • Mode: – Single-player.

 It is designed to be played multiple times with multiple endings as understanding the game is not possible in a single attempt. The total gameplay will be of around nine hours. The game has a unique feature named as the Butterfly effect wherein the decisions made by the players will determine the upcoming consequences from the player ending up getting all the eight characters killed to saving all of them.

10 Upcoming Best PS4 Game Titles 2016

Throughout the game, the players will make difficult decisions testing their moral and mental strength like sacrificing a character for the sake of another one etc. The path the players take will depend on their decision and thus the game has multiple endings. The game will have an autosave feature to prevent the players from reloading a previous save to alter the decisions they made. So it’s up to you. Live or die, you choose and enjoy the consequences later.

9. No Man’s Sky (TBA)

No Man's Sky

  • Developer: – Hello games.
  • Genre: – Adventure.
  • Mode: – Single-player, multiplayer.

It is an open universe game, containing a universe full of planets ready to explore by the players. The game has been programmed with each planet having its unique landscapes, flora and fauna. The universe is a procedurally generated one which means it’s been programmed to create planets using different combinations of the factors which make the number of planets created to 18 quintillions..!!!!

10 Upcoming Best PS4 Game Titles 2016

The playable character is a space explorer with a spaceship. The aim is to explore new planets, engage in fierce space battles with other spaceships, ground battles with hostiles on different planets, exploring new planets, interacting with their flora and fauna etc. players can also share information about the planets discovered by them on the game’s database, online to enable other players to view the information and the discovered planets.

Each planet will have its unique landscapes, weather conditions ranging from the scorching desert to the chilling cold, the predators living their varying accordingly. New and different resources will be available for collection. The resources can be sold, new ones can be brought from the space station shops available. The player can die in various ways, being killed in any combat or by Sentinels that patrol some planets and kill the explorers which exploit a planet beyond limits.

When the player is respawned, all the information not uploaded on the Atlas will be lost. The game includes a crafting system which will enable the players to upgrade their ships, their suits, tools, weapons etc. to match the harsh conditions. Also, there is a fast travel mechanism known as the Warp to fast travel to distant planets.

Though the game doesn’t have a main story, the game’s objective will be to reach the centre of the galaxy and the game will start from any corner of the galaxy. During their journey, the players must gather resources, sell or trade them, buy new ships, suits, weapons and fuel and progress to the centre of the galaxy. The developers stated the gameplay to range from 40-100 hours, not including any additional exploration.

I know we said 10 Titles – The 10th Title we will Add based on Your Suggestions – Name the 10th Title which You Think Deserves to Be Part of the Best Upcoming PS4 Games. Write in the Comments below and we will surely add the 10th Title soon.

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