With the new trend of having smart unlocking in the mobile industry, lots of users are looking for the best mobiles with Fingerprint scanner technology.

Here is a list of smartphones that offer a fast Fingerprint scanner along with some of the best features like 4G, 5G, Good selfie camera, and performance.

The list also includes the cheapest Fingerprint scanner mobiles even below Rs 7000 or $70. The fingerprint sensor is used for privacy and security purpose and adds to the ease of unlocking the mobile.

The First Smartphone to Use a Fingerprint Scanner - Motorola Atrix

Motorola was the first company to offer fingerprint scanners in its smartphone. Way back In 2011, among all Android phones, Motorola Atrix became very popular by getting this feature. The Atrix had a fingerprint scanner at the top.

Motorola Atrix First Smartphone Ever to Have a Fingerprint Reader

The fingerprint scanner smartphones became popular after Apple decided to put this unique feature to the iconic Apple iPhone 5s, millions of users started using the feature and then Android smartphone makers also adapted the technology.

There are two different types of Fingerprint scanner placement on most mobiles, some smartphone like the Nexus 6P comes with a fingerprint scanner at the back while others like iPhone 6s and Samsung S7 comes with a fingerprint scanner at the front with the Home button.

Fingerprint Scanner Technology and usage: There are three different technologies for a fingerprint scanner in smartphones

  • You will have to place your finger on the button and the mobile gets unlocked. (as used in Apple).
  • You will have to place your finger and press down to unlock the mobile. (as used in Samsung S7 Edge).
  • In-Display Fingerprint Scanner Technology Used in Several mobiles like Oneplus 8, Vivo V20 Pro, Samsung A71.

Apple has the luxury to place the Fingerprint scanner button on the front with the physical button but other manufacturers are limited by the space available at the bottom of the capacity touch screen buttons which make it impossible to place the sensor at the front.

I have used both and found the front button unlocking to be more convenient, however, you will also get used to unlocking the smartphone from the back button.

Now let’s check some smartphones which come with a fingerprint sensor.

I did a test on some of the mid-range mobiles having a fingerprint scanner to check which one of these is the fastest.

The article is updating ---


There are few phones that are available with a fingerprint scanner under Rs. 7000 price range.

The recently launched Nokia C3 is an excellent phone that comes with a stock Android experience and also has a fingerprint scanner at the back. The phone is available for purchase for Rs. 6,999.

Other top phones under Rs. 700o with a fingerprint scanner

  • Vivo Y91
  • Itel A48
  • Lava BeU

You can check more phones with a fingerprint scanner in the sub 7K price range.


There are several phones that are available with a fingerprint scanner in the sub 8k price range the Tecno Spark 5 is one of the best sellers. The phone is available on Amazon at Rs 7,990.

Tecno Spark 5

Other top phones under Rs. 8000 with a fingerprint scanner

  • Lava Z66
  • Oppo A5s
  • Coolpad Cool 5
  • Vivo U10

You can check more phones with a fingerprint scanner in the sub 8K price range.


A lot of mobiles are available in the 10K price range that comes with a fast fingerprint scanner but almost all these phones have a fingerprint scanner at the back.

Earlier smartphones used to have a fingerprint scanner at the front. But now due to the reduction in the bottom bezel, most mobiles have a fingerprint scanner at the back.

There are several good phones in the sub 10k price range that comes with a fingerprint scanner. Some of them are:

  • Oppo A12
  • Samsung M11
  • Tecno Pava
  • Realme C15
  • Realme C15


The In-display fingerprint sensor is a cool type of scanner and comes in smartphones like Oppo F17 Pro. But the first In-display scanner containing the phone is Vivo X20 Plus UD in 2018.


Now there are a lot of new smartphones that are available in the market with in-display fingerprint scanners some of these latest mobiles are listed below:

The phone is available on Amazon.


There are a few smartphones that are also available with a side-mounted fingerprint scanner. Especially, a lot of mid and premium-range phones that come with an IPS LCD display instead of an AMOLED panel tend to use the side-mounted scanner.

Notably, in-display fingerprint scanner can only be used with OLED or AMOLED Panels no with the IPS LCD panels.

This fingerprint sensor is present on the side of the phone in place of the power button.

Here are some of the latest Mobiles that come with a side-mounted fingerprint scanner.


After the introduction of the In-display and side-mounted fingerprint scanners, the front fingerprint sensor is now outdated.

But previously this type of scanner is found in phones like Huawei Honor View 10, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, Samsung S7, S6, Huawei P20 / P20 Pro, and iPhone 8 / 8 Plus.

Typically you should avoid the front fingerprint scanner if it is not under the display as the scanner can take a lot of space at the bottom and can make the screen smaller ad can also increase the screen-to-body ratio.

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  1. Thanks for good analysis, for me I still prefer the fingerprint sensor on the back like the one am using on infinix hos s, that way i can just tap it with my index finger as i hold my device with one hand without much attention. Question, apart from design is there any notable difference between starting Samsung s6 edgeplus and s7 edge?? , Thanks.

  2. I can suggest go for a brand which has a service center near your location and in case something goes wrong in near future you can always get it corrected.

  3. all the informations are valuable and clear. I have been trying to buy a good smartphone through which i may have good quality photo, battery life, good operating system etc. but my budget is below 6k, some brands i found on web but many of them have no service center nearby where i live in tezpur, state of assam. What should i do, your kind sugestion will be waited at this end.

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