1More iBFree Bluetooth Headphones Review – Switching to Wireless

I have been using earphones and headphones for many years, and most of them are wired. I got the iBFree Bluetooth in-ear sports headphones two weeks back and had been playing with them ever since.

Also, I have taken these with me on my usual evening walks and cycling. Paired with my Samsung S7 to listen to music and occasionally watch some Youtube videos. You can easily pair these with an iPhone or an Android phone or even a Windows laptop, having a Bluetooth connectivity.

The 1More iBFree comes with IP X4 rating which means these are sweat and water resistant. These are not waterproof, so don’t take them swimming, you can carry them to the beach.


My Experience – 1More iBFree

But these are excellent to listen to music or even make calls while you are doing your workout or are doing any task on your laptop.

You can even keep your Bluetooth connected phone 15 to 20 feets away, and still, these headphones work without any gripes.

“iBFree,” as the name suggests, they make you free from tangled wires.

These days I am watching Suits Season 6 on Amazon Prime, and these have been my regular companion for binge-watching sessions.

It is easy to plug these as the cord goes behind your neck, and you get a lot more freedom to move without any hassles. More importantly, as no chords are connecting it to the laptop, so there are no accidental unplugging episodes.

There have been situations when the headphone jack has got unplugged, and I have wakened up my fellow room dwellers. But not anymore.

The iBFree comes with Bluetooth 4.1 support, so you can easily pair these with any latest laptop or smartphone.

iBfree-headphones 5

There is a controller which comes with three buttons; you can long press the central power button for a couple of seconds and simultaneously turn on the Bluetooth on your laptop/ phone to pair these.

Connecting iBFree is reasonably easy, and you will be able to learn it quickly even if you have never used a Bluetooth headphone before.

Also, the controller comes with the volume up and volume down button for managing music and call volumes.

The maximum volume of the earphones is high, so I kept it probably close to 80%.

iBfree-headphones 3

Design and Battery Life

The 1More iBFree comes in 4 different colors(Green, Blue, Black, Red) and I have the Blue color which looks great with my blue framed spectacles.

The box includes a micro-USB wire, 3 earphone caps (small, medium and large) that you can use based on your preference. The earphones don’t come with a carry case or leather pouch which is included in some of the similarly priced products.

The design is elegant, and the headphones come with aluminum finish with a shiny concentric circle finish.

They are comfortable to wear and even after a couple of hours; I do not feel like taking a break.

Also, the additional silicon sports grip is a life saver; it helps to hold the earphone in place, so they don’t come out while jogging or cycling.

The headphones are rated to work 8 hours, but in my experience, they work close to 7 hours.

Offcourse it is complicated to time usage accurately, but they work reasonably long before discharging fully. The charging time is close to 2-2.5 hours, and iBFree come with a micro-USB charging cable which you can plug into any USB port on your laptop or PC to fuel them.

iBfree-headphones 2

Whenever you turn these on, they replay a recorded message about the battery level, which gives you a heads up if you need to charge them.

Sound Quality

Describing the sound of a headphone is as tricky as probably explaining an artwork in words. But let’s try to do that.

The call quality and sound volume are adequate, and these even come with a noise-canceling microphone to reduce the ambient noise during calls.

Dialogues are also crisp and clear, and you will enjoy binge-watching the latest season of Black Mirror.

Listening to music is a pleasure, the mids are more prominent in comparison to the highs and lows.

There is no excessive, overpowering bass which you can find in some of the Sony, wired, extra Bass earphones. Besides, the iBFree headphones sound more natural and come with an acceptable level of bass. But they won’t teleport the bass junkies to a different world.

iBfree-headphones 4

The treble at the low and very high frequencies is muted, but the mid-range overpowers the instruments played.

These are a worthy companion, if you want a more natural sounding headphone but not ideal for extreme bass and treble maniacs.

The wire connecting the two earphones and the controller switches look sturdy and seem like they will last long without any trouble.

Concluding Thoughts – Would I be switching to a wireless headphone?

The answer is yes and no. Ohh I mean, I will be switching partially.

The simplicity and comfort of wireless headphone are unmatchable; the style quotient is sky high, and ease of taking calls and doing everything without worrying about wires is a blissful experience.

But I still miss the high-end wired headphones that I use when I feel like drowning in the overpowering bass and treble. (Yes, at times I am a bass junkie). Also, the problem with wireless headphones is battery life, though these last for several hours, but there are times when you just want them to go on.

Admittingly, I am lazy when it comes to charging gadgets and even forget to do it at times.

So that’s why I am shifting partially, though I like these.

Lastly, the iBFree from 1More are available for Rs. 3499 on Amazon India or you can even buy these in a retail store.

If you have any queries, please shoot in the comments section. Also please bookmark Candytech to return later. Moreover, You can read the review for 1More Piston Classic headphones here.

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