1More Single Driver Headphone Review (1M301) – Blissfully Comfortable

1More Single Driver Headphone Review – Treat for Audiophiles

The 1More Single Driver Earphones are a premium pair of music drums you can buy to use with your mobile or laptop.

Moreover, these are currently available for Rs. 2799 and you can get a pair from Amazon India.

Previously, I have reviewed the more affordable 1More Piston Classic that costs Rs. 1299. 1More is an established brand in the sound industry, and they are the OEM for the acclaimed Xiaomi Mi Pistons.

1More Single Driver Headphone Review (1M301)

There are plenty of in-canal earphones available in the market including the Mi Pistons and the OnePlus Bullet V2 and several other from brands like Sennheizer, JBL and Skull Candy.

1More has a lot of positives and some cons that we will bring out in this in-depth review.

Let’s start with the packaging and unboxing:


The earphones come in a cardboard box and inside it is a transparent plastic case with a rubber puck case.

Additionally, you get 4 set of silicone ear tips of various sizes. You can effortlessly change the silicon tips on the earphones to match your ear canal size for extra comfort and better fit.

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Top Features & Specs 1More Single Driver Model 1M301

For Starters, the 1More Single Driver headphones come with a frequency Range of 20-20,000 Hz, with 98 dB sensitivity and 32-ohm impedance which is same as most standard earphones.

Additionally, it has a Gold Plated 3.5 mm Headphone Jack to offer distortion free sound signal transfer.

You can use these with any Android or Apple phone that comes with a 3.5 mm Audio jack. The cable is sufficiently long and measures 1.25 meters and these are lightweight (15 grams).

There is a controller that lets you pick up calls, increase or decrease the volume.

Controller for the Earphones
Controller for the Earphones

Besides, these come with an inbuilt microphone so you can attend calls.

You can even long press the controller mid-button, and it activates the Google assistant or Siri on your phone, a nifty feature.

OneMore Assistant App and Burn In

So, in case you buy these here is a handy tip, you can go to the Google play store or the Apple App store to download the OneMore Assistant App.

1 More APP
OneMore Assistant App

It helps you burn-in your earphones and improves the performance once the process is complete. You only need to plug-in the earphones and leave it for a long time.

Also, the App comes with an equalizer and a loudness compensation switch to further enhance the user experience.

I would recommend you do a burn-in in the initial days and get the most out of these.


The high-quality eardrums come with a lightweight aluminum alloy build. The 1More brand name and Right and Left signs are easily visible on the earpods.

As the company states, the internals are made from the Aerospace grade material to provide precision and dexterity to the sound output.

1 More Single Driver Headphone
Unique Angled Design

The Kevlar cable coated with a nylon sheath is tangle free, something everyone desires. Even if you keep these in your pocket carelessly, they cables are easy to untangle.

However, the upper part of the cable has a rubberized coating material which is not bad.

You can marvel at the unique design of the pods which have a slight angle. The angled pods and the broader base help these fit in ears, and more importantly, they stay in place even when you are jogging or exercising.

I have smaller ear canals, and most of the in-canal earphones tend to slip out easily, but these don’t, probably the reason I like these more than 1More classic pistons or the CX-170s that I have used in the past.

Perhaps, this is probably the unique and amazing feature of these headphones that make these so comfortable that even after 4 hours of Netflix binge I don’t feel tired.

The color scheme makes these look premium, and a quick glance by a tech connoisseur will tell him these are expensive.

Further, the red cable, black color drums and the translucent grey color ear tips with a red bottom make them look trendy.

They are bound to get some attraction from your co-workers or gym buddies.

Let’s talk about the meat of the earphones – the Sound Quality.

Sound Quality and Experience


I am using these as my daily driver with Samsung S8 and even tried these with the Xiaomi Mi A1 which I was testing. Besides, I watch Netflix /listen to some high-quality Flac files on the MacBook Pro that seems to enhance the sound output of anything.

1 More Single Driver Headphone

Lastly, I have tested these on the Gigabyte Gaming 7 motherboard that comes with a dedicated Sound Core 3D chip to offer better sound than most boards.

Sound Quality

The Grammy Award Winning Sound Engineer, Luca Bignardi, has tuned these.

It is not only the hardware, but the optimizations also matter a lot when it comes to reproducing accurate soundstage.

I listened to several tracks from Coldplay, Linkin Park, Adele, Eminem and lot of Hindi tracks too. These sound crystal clear, and you can easily distinguish the sound of different musical instruments.


The highs and lows are easily discernible, and vocals are undoubtedly more enhanced but seem natural.

The overall sound profile is natural and the treble or bass doesn’t usually overpower the track you are listening.


The bass is not overwhelming even at higher volumes. You can listen to all the Rock songs or drums and beats on these without having a feeling of distortion.
The bass is deep and profound.


At times the treble seems to be low or adequate at best. Listening to songs with lots of guitar or mandolin is a pleasure. After the burn-in, the treble and vocals improved some more, and you may even want to try the 1More assistant App in-built music player for some more performance.

However, at very high volumes the treble and bass can become overwhelming.


If you are into classical music or like to listen to the old melodies, these are superb. The vocal tracks are unequivocally clear and is a pleasure to hear them.

Noise Cancellation

These don’t come with any active noise cancellation, but as the earphone tips fit snugly into the ears, the ambient noises are reduced considerably but not entirely.

Concluding Thoughts

At an asking price of Rs. 2799 (available on Amazon India) these seem to be a bit expensive to be fair, however, if you need quality you need to pay more. These are excellent for most of the type of genres and if you are an audiophile and love your music pair these with a device with some amplification to get the best output.

Also, 1More makes even more expensive (costs Rs. 8,900) triple driver earphones, probably we will test those in future. Also, I have even asked Razer to send the latest Gaming Headphones for the gaming geeks to find out if they make a difference.

Additionally, I think these are blissfully comfortable, and you can use these lightweight earbuds for long sessions of watching Walking Dead or Punisher or whatever is your poison.

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