4 Best Gaming PC Configuration Rs 70000 India

4 Best Gaming PC Configuration Rs 70000 India

Concluding Thoughts (4 Best Gaming PC Build Configuration Rs 7000):  You should try and purchase the best graphics card and processor that you can afford, as it is not an easy replacement afterward. You can go with either of the Gaming Build AMD or Intel. I prefer Intel-based build in the year 2014 or early 2015 for high-end gaming PC machines. Majorly because Intel is ahead of AMD when it comes to processors manufacturing process (22 NM) and power efficiency coupled with energy saving. AMD has not been able to improve the thermal efficiency or performance even with the AMD FX 9590 Processor the max TDP is 220 watt. AMD is doing well with the low-end processors as the prices are very competitive if we use an FX-4300 or FX-6300. For all gaming needs a Core i3 processor matches an FX-6300 in most titles.

Graphics Cards- Current Generation of Nvidia Cards GTX 970 and GTX 980 are so much better compared to the AMD R9 series both in terms of performance and thermal efficiency. Nvidia GTX 970 is available for 28,000 and matched the performance of R9-290x which was priced at Rs. 43,000.

We initially choose a slightly less expensive R9-280X instead of taking the GTX 770  then the price difference is around Rs. 3000 or $50. We dropped R9-280X for simple reason it is easily outperformed by a GTX 770 by at least 5-10 FPS in most gaming titles.

Also when we buy an R9-280x we need to buy a 750 watt SMPS which is costly by 2-3 thousand compared to the PSU we have taken. So choosing AMD R9 280X will give us lower performance compared to a GTX 770 but overall cost of gaming pc configuration remain same.

R9 290X Vs a GTX 970 also do not make sense even if both are priced same it is better to buy a GTX 970 after all you don’t want to game in an Oven (over heated room) or increase cost of air conditioning as well as bigger SMPS.

Gaming Performance – With these Gaming PC builds you can easily play all modern games like GTA 5, Assassin’s Creed Rogue, Assassin’s Creed Unity, The Crew, Battlefield 4, Halo 5, Counter Strike Go, World of Warcraft: Warlord of Draneor, Call of Duty Advance Warfare, Lords of Fallen, Borderlands Pre-Sequel, The evil Within and many more at high or Ultra settings.

If you are wondering how much performance gain you will get between the Rigs I cannot tell you exact gain in each game that will not be possible as each gaming title is coded differently and behave differently on each graphics card and processor.

  • If you need a rough estimate Gaming PC build 1 and 2 will roughly have 5-10% performance variance.
  • Gaming build 2 and 3 will have similar performance or most likely the AMD+ GTX 970 combo can easily beat the intel core i5 + GTX 770 combo.
  • Build 4 is superior and will have 5-10% gain over build 3.

Here Are Some of the Gaming Benchmarks For Your Consideration:

GTX 970 and GTX 770 Gaming benchmarks GTX 970 and GTX 770 Gaming benchmarks 3 GTX 970 and GTX 770 Gaming benchmarks 1

GTX 970 is 10-20% or even faster compared to a GTX 770  in almost all Gaming Titles and the price difference is not very high if you can purchase a GTX 970 it is a major upgrade in performance compared to graphics cards which came in 2013 or till mid-2014.

My suggestion will be to go for build 2 or build 4 as the GTX 970 is really great and have high-performance advantage over Nvidia GTX 770 in any gaming title.

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Author: Kanuj Sharma

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45 Replies to “4 Best Gaming PC Configuration Rs 70000 India

  1. Hai,
    I wish to assemble a PC. I have samsung sync master B2230 19″ full hd monitor and HDD- Seagate barracuda 1tb. My plan is to purchase RAM-Corsair Vengeance 4GBx2 (1600mhz)
    Cooler Master Force 500
    Corsair VS650 650 Watt PSU
    ASUS H87 PRO GAMER Motherboard (RED)
    intel core i5 4440 or i7 4770
    saphire R9 270x with boost oc2gb ddr5 (better) or asus gtx 760 with 2 gb or asus gtx960 2 gb
    please comment and your suggestions regarding this I can go upto 50,000/- for parts excluding monitor and HDD that are already in my possession. Thank you.

  2. i am graphic designer, i want to buy machine. but m confused between laptop or desktop. what do you suggest i should buy a desktop or laptop? if laptop then which one? and if desktop what will be the configuration? my budget is around 65k

    and also one of my frined is a graphic designer want a rig for graphic use actually he is an animator and needed a best graphic pc for rendering propose. his budget is around 70k and mostly preferred intel rig. what will be the configuration

    1. Abhishek

      in my knowledge and opinion a 70K PC is 2-3 times more powerful compared to a laptop in same budget. Rest is your need and requirement. I personally like and use PC for Speed and power and laptop for movability.

  3. hi guys
    i have seen your article and response its kool and very help full i am architect as well as 3d artist also i want to do 3d work on it and i am confuse that which conflagration is good for me need also ghz coz of fast render and ram i m looking for 16gb
    steel confuse with every thing 🙁 so please help me out for this situation budget is not prob for me but coz of its primary system so i am planing that 1st pc i will buy in between 60000 to 80000 guys please help me out please please

    1. does MSI is better than asus motherboards, if asus is better than suggest me one which is best ?

  4. Hi Kanuj,

    Brilliant articles.
    After almost 5 years I’ve decided to upgrade my rig. Price range is around 60-70k.
    Being an absolute noob at building my own rig, I will be using your suggestions as a rule of thumb.

    Right now I’ve finalized on the following:
    Graphics – GTX 970
    Ram – 4*2 Corsair
    Hard Disk – Seagate 1TB

    I do not need a monitor at the moment & i do no plan on overclocking. Hence what would be the ideal processor & motherboard combo for the GTX 970? I also plan on adding a SSD sometime in the future.

    Any and all suggestions are appreciated.
    Thank You 🙂

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