4 Reasons Why Yu Yutopia May Not Be The Best Choice

Yu Yutopia comes with many Cons, well no smartphone in the world is perfect, neither is the new Yutopia. 

What is ideal for me may not be perfect for you, the post gives insight to some of the Cons which may readers may find relevant, and some may also disagree.

4 Reasons Why Yu Yutopia May Not Be The Best Choice

There are plenty of reasons to buy the Yu Yutopia: like 21 MP camera, Fingerprint scanner, Fast Processor, 4 GB RAM and Cyanogen mode OS.

Let’s play the devil’s advocate here and look for reasons why you don’t want to buy the Yu Yutopia.

An Overhyped Promise

First thing Yu Tele-ventures said that it is the most powerful smartphone on Earth, it is a lie.

Powering the Yutopia is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 Processor, and it is not the fastest SOC in the world.

Samsung S6 Edge Plus or a Galaxy Note 5 is much faster with the Exynos 7420 processor. Even the Huawei Mate 8 using Kirin 950 is much quicker if we speak about performance.

And Why forget the Apple iPhone 6s Plus using the A9 Chipset, which easily gives SD 810 a run for its money.

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You can study above posts for an in-depth understanding of processor benchmark and speed.

Moreover, we have OnePlus 2 that comes with the same processor and 4 GB RAM, even we have Sony Xperia Z5 which also has the same specs.

Instead of SD 810, if Yutopia used Kirin 950 or Exynos 7420, I would still have bought into that hype.

Having said that, we can still say it is one of the fastest phones in the world, but not the fastest.

Ugly Design and Large Rear Camera with Bump

There are smartphones like OnePlus 2, iPhone 6 or Sony Xperia Z5 even the Samsung S6 which look great.

On the other hand, we have the Yu Yutopia with large bezel at the bottom, and a huge camera at the back which even has a camel bump sized protruding camera design. The gadgets are going compact, who want that large ugly A** camera. Yu Yuphoria has a similar design, a lot of fans expected something more refined from a flagship device.

4 Reasons Why Yu Yutopia May Not Be The Best Choice

If you are buying a smartphone, specs are important, but aesthetics and ergonomics are what you desire from a flagship device.

I think this is the lowest point for the Yu Yutopia.

Flagship Owners Need More Love

What really sets me off is my and many other users horrible experience with the Yu customer care. I understand most of the low-cost budget mobile makers give very useless support.

But Yu is the king of all, regarding poor support, and even pathetic quality check on the phones.


One of the Yureka devices we bought for doing a review had a sound issue; they plainly refused to take it back. Same has been the experience of 1000’s of users who are met with a un-responsive support team of Yu.

Maybe things will improve in future. If I am buying a high-end mobile, I would love to have great support in case something goes wrong. Trusting YU for a high-end device is difficult. Still okay to put money for a low and mid-range smartphone.

Some Misses

Yutopia comes with 3000 mAH battery capacity and power hungry Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor along with the Quad HD Display (2560*1440) which may give you a lower on-screen time Vs. the OnePlus 2 and other phones.

But then if you desire 2K display, the Yutopia is the cheapest phone you can buy.

Furthermore, it misses on NFC and Android Pay Support and even runs on the dated Android Lollipop OS.

Besides, it also lacks the USB Type C port, something most flagships and mid-range devices will have in 2016 and beyond for communication.

It also misses on the IR Blaster, just to add to the list of Cons.

Having said all of the above, I am not saying that it is a bad choice, but there are some shortcomings as always that you need to know before buying it. 

Yutopia with Snapdragon 810 4GB RAM launched – Amazon Rs 24999.

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