5 Initiatives Google Plans for India 2016 : Sundar Pichai

In his recent trip to India Sundar Pichai made some important announcements and shared Google India plan. He shared how Google 11 years back had just 4 employees in India and now has grown to more than 1700 employees and they plan to expand the Hyderabad Google facility to have more employees and projects in India.

5 Initiatives Google Plans for India 2016

5 Initiatives Google Plans for India 2016

1).  Get India Online –  Google is betting big on the Indian market and as per Sundar the next 200 million Internet users will come from India in 2017 and beyond.

India already have 300 million internet users we if we consider mobile and broadband users.  Google want to bring everyone online, regardless of income , age , gender or location.

2) Make Internet Faster – Google want to make sure when the new users come on the Internet & they find it a great place to be. Google started the web-light roll out in India and developing countries.  The Web-light helps mobile users on slow connection to surf the Internet much faster.

Google optimizes the pages so they open up much faster on the slow 2G connections. Google’s Chrome browser also removes images from articles if it detects slow internet connection to improve page load time.  Google also has made the you-tube videos available to be viewed off line for users in India.

Google Web Light Getting Tested on Mobiles In India

Note –  Candytech also uses a special Caching technology to serve pages faster and use much less data by serving compressed small sized images.

3) Internet Reaches to Everyone – Google will make the Mumbai Central station to have free WIFI access by January 2016.  By the end of year 2017 , Google plan to make 100 train stations WIFI to offer free internet services to commuters. Google internet bikes is an innovative concept where with the help of bikes Google plan to make internet reach 300,000 Indian villages.

4) 20 lakh Android Developers – Google has tied up with 30 universities across the country to train 2 million developers who will have skills to develop Android programs and Apps. Google also want to increase the entrepreneurship in tech and has promised $20,000 to the top 1000 bright and innovative Indian startups to run the business on Google Cloud Platform.

5).  Chrome Bit and YouTube Space Mumbai – Google also announced the availability of the Google Chrome-bit which is a very small PC which turns any monitor to a fully usable compact PC to encourage PC usage for everyone.  The Google Chrome-bit is priced at Rs. 7999. The device is ideal for education centers and schools to bring low cost computing to students.

YouTube Space is the state of the Art Google Video studio which helps the content creators to make new videos using Google’s equipment and editing tools and that is completely free for anyone to use.


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