5 Strong Reasons to Buy Samsung S7 and S7 Edge

The new smartphones are powered by SD 820 (US) / Exynos 8890 (India) processor, Quad HD display, Better camera and a new improved design even when compared to the Samsung Note 5.

Let’s first discuss what are the improvements in the new devices and then will come to some minor flaws too and does it make sense for everyone to buy the new Samsung Flagship devices.



We are not going to list any specs or price comparison here – you can read for more information- Samsung Galaxy S7 Specs Launch Date Price India. Also, there is a controversy going on regarding the performance mismatch of Samsung S7 and S7 Edge – Snapdragon 820 vs. Exynos 8890: Samsung S7 Debacle. You may like to read this before going through the article.

1). Better Camera

In comparison to the iPhone 6s (low light) and the older Samsung S6, the camera on them. No camera bump on the Samsung S7 looks better compared to the older Samsung S6. It is partly because of the reason that Samsung S7 (7.9 mm) is thicker compared to the S6 (6.8 mm) and hides the camera bump due to that.

Much Better low light performance. Samsung S7 has the best camera when it comes to indoor or low light imaging using the large 1.7-inch aperture size. The auto-focus system is vastly improved on the Samsung S7 when compared to even the iPhone 6s.  Bigger aperture size and larger pixels make it easy to capture more light.

The below images were shot using the iPhone 6s Plus Camera (OIS) and the Samsung S7 camera. Check the darker areas, the higher aperture on the Samsung S7 makes them more visible and lighter.  Definitely, in low light, the camera is better.



Close Shot Indoor Image of iPhone 6S and the Samsung S7, colors are a bit on the yellowish side on the iPhone 6s image while on the S7 they are colder or closer to natural tint.



2). Faster Processor and GPU

Snapdragon 820 and Adreno 530 GPU offers better performance when it comes to gaming even the Exynos 8890 is not behind, but there is a differential in performance. These are much faster than the Snapdragon 810 on most of the current devices.

With liquid cooling which Samsung has introduced in the Samsung S7, the temperatures and throttling are managed better compared to earlier smartphones.  The new Vulcan APi support for better Game play boosts the gaming performance even more.

Though when it comes to speed tests, opening Apps, browser, and games – the Samsung S7 offers mix results when compared to iPhone 6s and the Google Nexus 6P. The major reason being TouchWiz UI when compared to iOS 9 and pure Android Marshmallow performance.

3). Better Battery Life

The major low point for the Samsung S6 was lower battery life with 2650 mah battery capacity. Samsung S7 does better on this, while the S7 Edge hits a home run with its 3600 mAH battery capacity.

The Quad HD display and powerful processor consumes it, but then OLED screen is well optimized on the Samsung S7. Even the always on display feature doesn’t drain the battery too much on the new Samsung devices.

Samsung has learned it from the past mistake (S6) to seal this issue.

4). Waterproof with IP68 certifications :

It is simply great to have a waterproof smartphone as it offers the best protection for the device. Samsung has done the implementation well on the smartphone, and you should not be worried about your kid putting it in water or dropping it in the mud next time you visit the beach.

5). Free VR Bundle

Samsung S7 and Samsung S7 Edge come with the free Samsung VR Headset for the people who are pre-booking the smartphones. The Headset is worth 8k in the Indian market if you purchase the stand alone VR.

It may be plus for many who want to try the new VR, but on the other hand, some business users and professionals may not have a need or time to use it.

But definitely, it is something which the Mobile and Gaming industry is banking on for 2017 to drive growth.

Concluding thoughts :

As I stated above, there are some improvements that come with the Samsung S7 and S7 Edge. But are they perfect for everyone, I guess not. These are the best Android smartphones, but then there are some low points too which I think I must share, which must is considered before buying. I would consider these before buying the S7 and S7 edge right now.

  1. They are pricey compared to even iPhone 6s which you can pick up close to 4OK for 16 GB. (A price drop from 62K, on November 15). And Samsung is notorious for price drops too; we can see S7 coming to 40K in April End or May.
  2. Touch Wiz UI on Samsung – (Compared to Android Stock experience for a purist like me.) Or Even in comparison to the iOS 9 which is buttery smooth.
  3.  Future updates – This is I think the biggest concern while having Nexus/Apple devices you get everything on day 1 for Samsung users it is a long wait.
  4. VR bundle – It may be an advantage for some and others it is an additional cost, and can be a one time watch and then it catches dust on some shelf. (It will take time for VR to evolve).

It is not a natural choice for enthusiasts who love the stock android or iOS to buy the Samsung S7, but for regular Android users, these are Fantastic smartphones money can buy.


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