6 Best PC Games Launching in August 2016

There are a lot of PC Games which are going to get released by the End of the year 2016. Here is a list of 6 Best PC Games which are going to get launched this month.

1). ABZU

6 Best PC Games Launching in August 2016 – The entirety of game takes place deep underwater where you would exploring the secrets of long-lost alien life. ABZU shares stunning visuals and the controls are very easy in traversing in three dimensions.

It can draw parallel to some exploration games like Journey which was set in the desert and other whimsical places, but unfortunately, ABZU pales a little in story and gameplay when compared to masterful Journey.

6 Best PC Games Launching in August 2016

ABZU is set to release on 2nd August on PS4 and PC.

2). Batman: The Telltale Series

Telltale Developers are showing no signs of stoping anytime soon. With deals around the globe and getting even both DC and Marvel into their contracts, they are sure to be hop topic for many years to come.

We have excellent Batman games thanks to Arkham games, but Batman: The Telltale Series is slightly more focused on Bruce Wayne and his trials in politics. In usual Telltale manner, how every decision you make will have consequences to your play as Bruce Wayne, your persona as Batman and the general public and health of Gotham city itself.


If you’re a fan of Telltale and Batman, you owe it to yourself to give this episodic series a try. However, it is my purely personal opinion that episodic content like these are best played in one sitting so waiting for them all to release and get them for a discount would be a wise choice too. Just keep it on your radar.

Batman: The Telltale Series is set to release on 2nd August on all consoles, Mobiles, Mac, and PC.

3). No Mans Sky

6 Best PC Games Launching in August 2016 – Even if you’re not hotly anticipating this game, you surely have heard of this. No Mans Sky was revealed on E3 2014, being the first indie game to be shown at an E3 event and from then the hype by the gamers had been dialed to 11.

In brief, it’s an open world, (sorry, open Universe) game where you can travel virtually anywhere in the universe which is all procedurally generated, and Hello games developer claims it has 18 quintillion planets which if you wish to visit all would take more than 5 Billion years in real time.

6 Best PC Games Launching in August 2016

Though have your expectations in check, and don’t expect this game to make your bed.

That being said, it still looks like a game the gaming crowd will talk and talk for years to come, with varied emotional opinions, so it’s no bad time to take a swing at this yourself and see what is all the fuzz is about.

No Mans Sky is set to release on 12th August on PC. (9th Aug on PS4)

4). Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Deus Ex series has a long history on PC with old gamers, and with how Human Revolution rekindled the games legacy, all eyes are on Mankind Divided to repeat the feat. In this sequel, the violence against augmented being has sharpened to a full-blown riot, where people from both sides in black and white are trying to play the victim.

The story continues from the end of Human Revolution’s one ending, but you certainly don’t need to play the previous games to understand this one.

6 Best PC Games Launching in August 2016

Adam Jensen will wield many more tech abilities this time and the same focus on how the players want to play him, either aggressively or stealthy.

Square Enix has confirmed that you would be able to finish the whole game, even bosses without killing anyone if you desire to do so.

The game will have more difficult decisions to throw at you which will change the actual shops, streets, gangs, and business throughout the main city significantly.

Dues Ex Mankind Divided is set to release on 23rd August on PS4, XB1, and PC.

5). Attack on Titan

6 Best PC Games Launching in August 2016 – If you haven’t heard, our beloved anime has already gotten Live action movie adaption and now is available as a game too.

Developed by Omega Force and Published by Koei Tecmo, the console and  PC port is coming this month. Though this is not an AAA game and the graphics reflects that, but the early reviews have been good with many sites claiming it as far better than what they had expected at first.


The game involves the same aesthetics and movement as in anime. The story is the retelling of the first season with some extra scenarios with key characters. It has a single player as well as multiplayer mode.

The attack on Titan is set to release on 26th August on PS4, XB1, and PC.

6). World of Warcraft: Legion

It is WoW’s sixth expansion, and as this MMORPG is still going strong, we expect it to have many more in the future too. The level cap has been increased from 100 to 110 and introduces new areas from already rich Warcraft lore.

A new class Demon Hunter (Illidan) is also introduced. The game plot revolves around the attack of Burning Legion on Azeroth. It has been noted that this expansion might have most voice acting than any expansion before this.


WoW still standing firmly at above 4M paid users with more to join with this release, it has continued to be the beacon of how MMORPG’s should be made.

Newcomers to the game will get incentives so that they can quickly reach the required level cap to witness the story themselves.

World of Warcraft Legion is set to release on 30th August on PC and Mac

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