7 Best Lenovo Laptops for Office or Business Use

Business laptops are designed for the professionals who use a variety of software and applications to support their professional tasks. These laptops are equipped with Windows OS or down gradable OS versions which is compatible to support their applications and software.

Some buyers also prefer a DOS variant so that they can later install compatible OS themselves. Professionals do not use these laptops for gaming purpose so one might not need a high-end model with a graphics card. At workplaces organizations choose laptops with a sturdy body, decent configuration to support everyday tasks and great battery backup.

The Laptops are chosen which offer ergonomic design and have a good keyboard and screen for long working hours. The ideal weight for the laptop should be below 2.4 kg for better portability& ease of use.

Due to specific requirements often it is seen that manufacturers segregate the laptops category. These laptops are also good to use for small businesses. Users can easily use web applications or software to track their business. These are economically priced so one may not have to worry about the budget. Lenovo is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to professional laptops. We earlier reviewed some of the best budget laptops under Rs. 30,000 or 450$.

Lenovo laptops are known for their sturdy built, longer battery backup and good configuration setup for business laptops. Intel Core i3 or Core i5 processor clocked at a decent speed of 2 GHz on an average may improve your productivity. Running programs like outlook and other MS office programs like excel, word, powerpoint and MS Access.

This coupled with a decent RAM 4 GB and storage capacity of 500 GB or more should be a good combination to opt for. A screen size of 13 inches -15.6 inches is preferred for these laptops as they should be easy to carry and offer portability.

Usability – These Laptops can also be used by bloggers, students, and programmers & for general use. It is a general perception that business laptops do not carry good looks however that seem to be changed with Lenovo’s latest collection. Best Business laptops from Lenovo are reviewed below.

7 Best Lenovo Laptops for Office or Business Use

1) Lenovo Essential B590 59 416853 Priced @ 25,999 or 400$:

7 Best Lenovo Laptops for Office or Business

This Lenovo laptop runs on Intel Core i3 processor clocked at 2.4 GHz coupled with 2 GB DDR3  RAM. This laptop sports a 15.6 inches display, 500 GB HDD. This offers a battery backup of upto 4 hours with the 6 Cell battery. This laptop comes with DOS which means user gets the flexibility to install desired OS.

Pros: Finger Print Sensor,  weighs only 2.15 kg , Hard disk is 7200 RPM which makes the general office tasks very fast, price is very competitive. 1 year onsite warranty, Low price.

Cons: Audio support not too great, No dedicated graphics Card, processor is 3rd Generation. 2GB RAM will require an upgrade.

2) Lenovo Ideapad G50-70 59-422410 Priced @ 38,990 or $ 625:

7 Best Lenovo Laptops for Office or Business

 This is one of the latest business laptop from Lenovo. This device runs on Intel Core i3-4010U Processor clocked at 1.7 GHz coupled with 8GB DDR3 RAM. 2 GB DDR3 dedicated graphics memory makes it a good choice for designing professionals. This device features 15.6 inches HD display, 1TB HDD, Windows 8.1 OS, 720px HD Webcam and offers a battery backup of upto 5 hours.

Pros: Good Battery Backup, 2GB Dedicated graphics processing memory AMD Radeon HD 8570M, Dolby Advanced sound system, AccuType Keyboard ease of typing with ergonomic keyboard , 1 Year Lenovo Onsite Warranty, bundled with windows 8.1 OS, 8GB RAM.

Cons: Display HD LED Glare Display which is decent but not good for 8 hours or more screen time, Device is little heavy 2.4 kg in weight. No turbo clock for the processor.

3) Lenovo B50-70 59-427747 priced @ 44,500 or $700:

Lenovo B50-70 59-427747 Lenovo B50-70 59-427747 image

7 Best Lenovo Laptops for Office or Business: This Lenovo laptop works on Intel Core i5-4200U Processor spinning at 1.6 GHz. This is supported by 8GB DDR3 RAM. This device sports 1 TB HDD, 15.6 inches anti glare display, 2 GB DDR3 dedicated graphics memory, Windows 8 OS and offers a battery backup of 6 hours. This is well suited for web designing professionals or tech professionals.

Pro: Antiglare Display, 2 GB dedicated graphics processing memory AMD Radeon R5 M230 is a basic card, Excellent battery backup Core i5 4th Gen with clock speed of 1.6 GHz with Turbo Boost Upto 2.6 GHz, Stereo Speakers with Dolby Advanced.

Cons: Bit heavy 2.32 kg should be close to 2 kg, slightly expensive should be close to 40,000, comes with a Standard Keyboard.

4) Lenovo Essential G505s 59-379987 priced @ 37,000 or $ 550:

7 Best Lenovo Laptops for Office or Business

This laptop functions on AMD Quad Core processor spinning at 2.1 GHz supported by 4 GB DDR3 RAM. It also features a 2 GB DDR3 dedicated graphics processing memory which helps in rendering lag free graphics. It sports a 15.6 inches HD LED display, Windows 8 OS, 1TB HDD, webcam and offers upto 3-4 hours of battery backup.

Pros: AMD Quad Core processor, 2 GB dedicated graphics memory processing space.

Cons: No Antiglare display, low battery backup AMD processor consume more battery compared to Intel 4th gen. weight is more 2.4 kg.

5) Lenovo Z50-70 Notebook (59-419432) Priced @ Rs.  38,990 or $650:

Lenovo Z50-70 Notebook (59-419432)

The laptop offers good performance and one of the good value for money core i5 Laptops. It has 1Tb hard disk to cater to all your data needs. Comes with 4GB RAM which can be expanded to 16Gb using two empty slots. It comes with a HD TN GL Slim Display with 1366 x 768 Pixels and 15.6 inch screen.

Pros : Core i 5 processor with clock speed of 1.6 GHz with Turbo Boost Upto 2.6 GHz , 1 TB hard disk space, thickness is only 25mm is comparably thinner Laptop.

Cons : – Lacks 8GB Ram , No Operating System, TN panel displays are inferior to the IPS panels, weighs 2.5 Kg despite being thin framed. Should be priced around 36,000 so additional RAM can be bought with this.

6) Lenovo ThinkPad E431 (62774XQ) Priced @ 54,490 or $850:

7 Best Lenovo Laptops for Office or Business

Pure business note book, if you have work on your mind what can be better than a ThinkPad. It is made to perform tasks in simple, fast and ergonomic way. From laptop screen to keyboard, track pad and pointing device everything speaks of great built quality and pure dogmatic approach to build business class laptop. This ThinkPad is powered by the 3rd Generation of core i 5 Processor, 4GB RAM and 500GB hard disk with 1GB graphics card.

Pros : Screen is excellent measuring 14 inch in size and comes with an Anti-glare Display with LED Backlit. The weight is very close to ideal 2.15 kg and it is thin with 25mm thickness. The hard disk is high speed with 7200 RPM. Intel Core i5 is very capable processor for all your office work needs and even for coding and programming with 2.6 GHz with Turbo Boost Upto 3.2 GHz. Island-style Keyboard very easy and fast to type with. Excellent Battery back-up.

Cons : 4GB RAM is bit low and 500 GB though is ok for office files but how expensive is a 1TB for Lenovo to pack with this office hawk. Performance and durability have a high price.

7) Lenovo Thinkpad E431 Notebook Priced @ 59,990 or $900:

 Lenovo Thinkpad E431 Notebook HD

You have the budget but can’t decide which performance powerhouse you want to buy for your office. Lenovo Thinkpad E431 Notebook with Core i7 and 2GB Nvidia GT 740M is the way to go. This is a performance gaming machine covered under the wraps of the office goer looks. This is the most powerful Laptop in the list and also carry the highest price tag. The laptop comes with a 1600 x 900 Pixels 14 inch HD+ Anti-Glare Display best suited for long hours of work. With higher resolution you will be able to read the text with better clarity. It is loaded with the windows 8 Operating System.

Pros: Everything is good, Windows 8 Optimized Island Keyboard, the high resolution screen, core i7 2.2 GHz with Turbo Boost Up-to 3.2 GHz. The Nvidia GT 740M in a business Notebook. Weight is 2.14 Kg with 25 mm thick ness.

Cons:  RAM is basic 4 GB only and 500 GB standard Hard disk Space.

Above mentioned laptops should cater all the basic needs of laptops required for professional tasks and business purposes or for students and bloggers. Online and offline stores may offer different prices. Online marketplaces like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal etc. are likely to offer slightly lower prices. Apart from door step delivery, easy EMI option and return policies one may also find variety of offers and discounts.

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