7 Interesting Things About Assassins Creed Egypt

After skipping 2016 for a critically tanked movie and continued declining sales for the monster franchise, the Assassins and Templars are turning to Egypt.

Kotaku back in April 2016 informed that the new Assassins Creed will be set in Egypt codenamed EMPIRE. After trying hard with Syndicate with the dual protagonist, and an interesting setting and as ever a dull affair in terms of story, Ubisoft leaks claims the concept of Egypt setting has been in works (I quote) “at least several years”, and happens to be the biggest AC project undertaking by Ubisoft. The new leaks today showed more of what Kotaku hinted a year ago giving credibility to this.

7 Interesting Things About Assassins Creed Egypt

Here are 7  Interesting Things About Assassins Creed Egypt

1). What’s in the name: Assassins Creed: Origins

Fits in well if you ask me. They have done Syndicate, Unity trying to bring back the mass. Origins seem like a no-brainer making you remember the first few games where everybody fell in love with AC and its Story. It’s a generic title where you just can’t go wrong – and our next point will, even more, solidify this rumored title.

2). Prequel to all other Assassin Creed 

Yes. It will be the first one, how it all started. Well we did saw how Apple of Eden came to be and the civilization around it but we never really see in-depth the making of first Assassins and Templar Guilds.

This game will go beyond it, or better behind it  – when none of this two guild was even formed. It has been too many years where an Assassins Creed story aspect has intrigued me.

3). Egypt Empire

Right alongside a Japan setting, the Egypt one was the second most requested setting for their next game and Ubisoft seems to oblige. They got an ace in the hole with this setting and this is a perfect time to play it. Breaking the monotonous yearly series in 2016, with an Egypt setting – we are actually very excited to get my hands on this years AC.

And it’s Egypt. Would love to see if how many myths, mummies and ancient gods like Osiris, Ra, Anubis and their corresponding mythical creatures are going tie into this.

4).  Dual Protagonist

GTA V has started something. Well, no wonder they are a testament to everything that is nearly perfect, and then keep going improving it more. Last time Ubisoft embraced dual protagonist for a fun dynamic and fresh take on the game. AC: Origins might repeat that with One Male and another Female protagonist.

7 Interesting Things About Assassins Creed Egypt

We don’t know whether they are related, or even on the same side for that matter, but it always makes up for a fun ride.


Ask any Assassins Creed fan and they will tell you how Black Fag rivaled the good old AC2 for the best AC game ever made. It was perplexing to see AC franchise on its knees after Unity and still no Naval return for Syndicate. On the hindsight, I should applaud Ubisoft for that decision,…nobody likes to ruin an excellent thing by overdoing it to death which Ubisoft has done in the past. I would be perfectly okay if next AC after Egypt doesn’t feature Naval combat.

But where you will do Naval combat anyway, in the desert? Well No. The game will let you travel all the way to Greece.

6). Greece and Rome – Expanded Story

The story can turn out to be a trilogy. We know we can at least travel to some part of Greece, it is completely possible the next AC games will explore Greece and even Rome to a much more free degree.

7 Interesting Things About Assassins Creed Egypt

 7). New Animation

Sources say this game might feature all-new animation made from scratch for this game. So the animations that plagued older Assassins Creed may be replaced with fancier movements or perhaps will have a lesser degree influence.

But we all know when last time AC tried to push new boundary technically (Unity broken faces !), so hope the one year break has helped them test it to the metal.

As usual, Ubisoft is no stranger to leaks. Perhaps it has been years where we have moved into E3 without being already spoiled about the new AC. So very strong reasons to believe this will all be in the final version because no matter what this game will be out in Holiday-2017, with an exciting presentation at E3 this June 13th.

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