Enormous 7000 mAH Battery and 6 GB RAM Gionee M2017 (Upcoming)

 Gionee M series is a series of phones which Gionee has developed to come with great battery life. Recently they launched the Gionee M6 with 5000 mAH battery capacity and the Gionee M6 Plus with 6000 mAH battery capacity. Gionee. Now they are going a step further with the new Gionee M2017 smartphone.

The new M2017 product has been spotted online on TENAA, a Chinese certification website. The highlight of the phone seems to push the bar even higher. The phone comes with a gigantic 7000 mAH battery, which sounds interesting and a bit overkill as well.

And to overkill things a little more it’s also rumored to come with 6 GB of ram. We already have so many smartphones with coveted 6 GB RAM now. Read – 10 Best smartphones with 6 GB RAM.

 7000 mAH Battery and 6 GB RAM Gionee M2017

Though it won’t break the largest battery smartphone records, there are smartphones with 10000mAh battery in the world, “OUKITEL K10000“.

The design seems to be eccentric, and too me weird. It is unique and looks vintage, something like Vertu phones, when compared to most of the modern smartphones.

The phone looks robustly built and goes with the bold design choice. But it also manages to look premium with its slightly curved display and a home button upfront.

Furthermore, the top and bottom part seems to be made of metal and the Dual camera module is surrounded an upside down Pentagon shaped strip. The back cover seems to be made of faux leather, similar to old Samsung Note series phones.

Gionee M2017

The M2017 flaunts a large 5.7 inch Quad HD AMOLED (2560 x 1440 resolution) display. It is powered by the Qualcomm’s latest Octa-Core Snapdragon 653 chipset clocked at 1.96 GHz along with Adreno 510 GPU.

Gionee M 2017 comes with 6 GB RAM along with 128 GB of internal storage.

Huawei is not the only one who is making Dual camera smartphones. The phone sports dual 12 MP + 13 MP rear camera along with flash. And, there is a 8 Mp front camera.

 7000 mAH Battery and 6 GB RAM Gionee M2017

Don’t expect this battery monster to be thinner, still the dimensions are not utterly disappointing. The phone’s dimensions are 155.2 x 77.6 x 10.65 mm and weighs around 230g.

The smartphone is likely to feature a revisable charging feature along with the fast charging sport to ensure that users are able to maximize the utilization of the long battery life.

Currently there’s no official word on its availability and pricing, as of yet. We will keep you posted as more news comes about the enormous, 7000 mAH battery smartphone.



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