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Learn more about Candytech.in, the growth story from 0 to 4.9 Crore website visitors (as of Nov-21).

Candytech Media Kit
Candytech Media Kit

Hi, this is Kanuj Sharma, the founder, and editor of Candytech.in.

Let's check out our inception and growth story.

Candytech.in - Inception - 19 April 2014:

To begin with, Candytech was Born on 19 April 2014; it is 8 years old now. I have always loved Technology, Gaming & Gadgets. In 2014, I got the idea to create a helpful website that offers Quality tech articles and genuine advice to tech readers.

I started Candytech with zero knowledge about websites but self-learned everything from reading articles and watching Youtube videos. We got enormous success and praise from readers in a short span of time. So far, Candytech is visited by 4.9 Crore readers with over 8.4 crore page views.

Candytech.in Story: How Candytech Grew from Just a FaceBook Page to a Popular Website?

In 2014, I started a Facebook page and started sharing articles/reviews with the tech community.

However, Facebook limits the post reach. (You need to pay FaceBook for higher organic reach).

Sneak Peak Into Candytech Office
Sneak Peek Into Candytech Office

I was new to this but realized Facebook was not the platform to use, so I researched for some days and learned about WordPress, and created a basic website.

I moved ahead, taking just a leap of faith and trusting that God would help me.

In the first year itself, I started getting many visitors to the website. And then, one fine day in 2016, it exploded. The highest one-day visitors peaked at 35,000. Unbelievable!

Vision and Core Belief - Candytech Media

Sharing Trustworthy and Useful information to the Candytech Readers.

Candytech doesn't want to be the biggest technology website but wants To Offer Best Advice and Info to Readers.

Kanuj Sharma

I have intentionally kept Candytech.in a small website instead of making it a content farm like most bigger websites.

Being small helps us keep the quality of our content high and relevant to the users. We don't have too many ads on the website to ensure readers have a good time. It's not about making big bucks. Our focus and core competency is in computing - PC hardware, laptops, mobiles, routers, headphones. Also, since I have worked for 10 years in telecom, sometimes I write about it.

Also, there are 57K social media influencers and 13500 email readers. There are over 27313 comments on the blog, and we have helped and advised 1000s of readers in the last few years.

My Story - How did it all start?

I was always fascinated with PC Games since childhood. I bought my first graphics card, an Nvidia MX 400, when I was 17, in 2001, nearly 20 years back. I had a Celeron processor and an Asus motherboard, but adding the GPU made the gaming experience magical. That is when I fell in love with PC gaming and PC hardware.

Gaming back then was nothing we see today. Games like IGI and Max Payne, Need for Speed 4 & 5 were enjoyable on my old CRT monitor. Before that, I played games like Prince, Pacman on the old Pentium 386 and 486 PCs.

In subsequent years, I learned more about graphics cards, processors, overclocking, benchmarks, hardware testing, Android custom ROMs, App/Web development, SEO, Photoshop, and Video editing.

I am a big fan of Anand Tech, Tom's Hardware, and The Verge.

Kanuj Sharma

The journey continued, and in 2014, I got inspired to create Candytech.in to help readers looking for trustworthy information.

I also like programming, C & C++, PHP, and Linux, specialize in analytics like SPSS & SAS and Google Analytics.

Being a blogger teaches many things; writing and sharing content is just a small part. I learned WordPress, how to make a website, SEO, Digital marketing, coding, Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro & Final Cut Pro X, Photography and Video Editing, etc.

Blogging is Awesome !!!

One small piece of advice for fellow bloggers and content creators - don't worry about short-term wins or losses, keep doing your work daily with persistence, and eventually, you will succeed.

About ME: Kanuj Sharma (Editor and Founder)

On the academic front, I did Engineering from Kurukshetra University, followed by an MBA from FORE School of management. The love for gadgets and technology remained.

I ran Candytech along with my Job initially for 2.5 years. It was really hard to manage both. Finally, In 2017, I decided to give up my high-paying job in the telecom sector (@ VodafoneIdea) as an AGM to work full time on Candytech.

Besides, I have 10 years of enriching experience in the Telecom sector, mostly in consumer insights, analytics, and marketing.

My Gadgets: I personally now use a Oneplus 8T, a PC with overclocked Core i7 6700K with GTX 1060, and a MacBook Air M1.

I have also started a new blog profoundblogger.com where I write on Digital marketing.

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Special Thanks to Team Members and Writers @Candytech.in

Thanks to team members and contributors who have helped Candytech to stand out from the crowd. Special Thanks to:

  1. Heena Makwana
  2. Ayush Sharma
  3. Darshit Pattan.
  4. Ram Uthaya Kumar.
  5. Shubhendu Singh.
  6. Krutika Shetty.
  7. Prateek Sharma.
  8. Stavan Pandya.
  9. Monika Sharma
  10. Prathamesh Gharat.
  11. Karanjot Singh
  12. Jagdish Sharma
  13. Renu Baliyan
  14. Harpreet Kaur

Without the contribution and help of these tech enthusiasts, the journey would have been harder.

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