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Welcome to Candytech here you can learn everything about the brand. You know about Candytech and its founder and members more closely and probably after reading about me and Candytech, you will find that we share the same bond and passion for technology, gaming & gadgets.

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Candytech Was born on 19 April 2014:

To begin with, Candytech was Born on 19 April 2014 and is close to 4 years old now. The Idea was to create a website that offers Quality tech articles and advice to the readers. We have got enormous success and praise from readers in the short span of time and now we have close to 600,000 monthly readers. Also, there are 55K social media influencers and email readers. 

How it all Started – The Beginning!

I bought my first graphics card an Nvidia MX 400 when I was 17 years old and in the year 2001. I had Celeron powered computer and Asus motherboard, when I first added the card to it, the effect was magical. Games like IGI and Max Payne, Need for speed 4 & 5 looked breathtaking on the old CRT monitor. Even before that, I use to play games like prince or Pacman on the old 386 and 486 PCs. 

It continued to evolve and I learned more about graphics cards, processors, overclocking, benchmarks and testing hardware, Android custom ROMs, app development, website development, SEO, Photoshop and Video editing. The journey continued, till in 2014 I got inspired to share the immense pool of knowledge accumulated in the past 20 years.

Also, I have used many graphics cards, laptops and mobiles and did benchmarking, overclocking and all experiments I could think of.

Also, I got into troubles, hard bricking a handset and burning a processor after overclocking. I had my share of fun on this journey. When you are a gamer and computer enthusiast there are many things you pick up naturally. I learned basic programming, C & C++,  specialize in Analytics. Analytics software like SPSS & SAS, Google Analytics. These are easy to learn and adapt.

Being a blogger teaches a lot many things, writing and sharing is just a small part. I learned WordPress, how to make a website, SEO, Social media marketing, a bit of coding, Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro & Final Cut Pro X, and many more things.

 About Me

I am a normal guy with various interests in tech, gaming, driving, photography, writing, reading & traveling. Have traveled across the country to almost all states and love driving My POLO whenever I go on long drives.

On academic front I did Engineering from Kurukshetra University followed by MBA from FORE school of management. The love for gadgets and technology remained (education ruins you).

I ran Candytech along with my Job initially, but after 2.5 years of running the website. In 2017, I decided to give up my high paying job in telecom sector as an AGM and work full time on Candytech. Besides, I have 9 years of enriching experience in the Telecom sector. 

I like to follow corporate/marketing strategy of companies and marketing campaigns and Telecom & you will also find some tech stories on Strategy and Marketing or Telecom on Candytech.

My Gadgets: I personally now use a Samsung S7, a PC with overclocked Core i7 6700K with GTX 1060, a MacBook Pro, and a Lenovo Yoga 710 laptop.

How Candytech Grew from Just a FaceBook Page to a Popular Website

Year 2014 – I started a Facebook page and started sharing articles/reviews I wrote, to share the knowledge with the tech community. I had no idea back then, I will have a website one day. However, Facebook restricts to share content with all the followers of the Facebook page. (you need to pay Mark to have higher page reach). 

Sneak Peak Into Candytech Office
Sneak Peak Into Candytech Office

 I was new to this but realized Facebook is not the platform to use, so I searched for some days and read about blogger/wordpress to start a small website. WordPress looked more refined, it impressed me and with better aesthetics and something readers would actually like. I bought WP hosting and started. I had no knowledge of websites or SEO or Social media at the time. Just took the leap of faith, and started.

Vision and Core Belief

The vision and thought behind starting a website on tech was simple, to share what I have learnt over the years and to discover further and evolve. I ensure whatever I will share will be the best I know and dedicated to the Candytech followers.

Candytech doesn’t want to be the biggest technology website but wants to be the best Quality portal in the Indian Tech Media.

At Candytech I don’t want to share just the news and gadgets information. I pick the best apps, best gadgets, mobiles, graphics cards, games and do thorough research and testing.

Also, through my industry contacts, I manage to get various gadgets/smartphones/PC hardware.

Best Value for Money is my core belief in writing any review or giving advice.  Most websites teach how to make more money, Candytech has a core belief about saving it and using the money in a way it gives you the maximum return.

I will appreciate if you have any suggestions or feedback to share about Candytech.

Special Thanks to Team Members and Contributors

There are several team members and contributors who are helping Candytech to stand out in a crowd of technology blogs.

  1. Darshit Pattan.
  2. Ram Uthaya Kumar
  3. Krutika Shetty.
  4. Stavan Pandaya.
  5. Monika Sharma
  6. Prathamesh Gharat.
  7. Karanjot Singh
  8. Jagdish

Without the contribution and help of these tech enthusiasts, the journey would not be complete.

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Feb 8th, 2017

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