Acer V Nitro Black Edition Gaming laptop launched in India

Acer has launched the new gaming laptop in the Indian market for enthusiast Gamers powered by Intel Core i7 processor and Nvidia GTX 960M.  Acer V Nitro Black Edition  was launched yesterday by Acer India to meet the extreme gamers demand for a mobile computing device.

Acer V Nitro Black Edition Gaming laptop launched in India


The Acer V Nitro Black Edition  has a very basic design, some of you may call it a non-gaming laptop if you see it for the first time. Looks can be deceptive, it packs a punch when it comes to gaming performance. The laptop is not very heavy and it measures 2.4 KG along with the battery.

Acer V Nitro Black Edition Gaming laptop launched in India

The Laptop has 3 USB 3.0 ports along with one HDMI port to connect it to a large TV screen.

The operating system is 64 bit, Windows 8.1 which will get updated to Windows 10 later in summer.

The Acer Nitro V boasts of a dust resistant internal design. The internal fans are designed in such a way they can remove the dust inside the laptop. Acer claims that the Laptop run cooler with the fan profiles which user can manage within the OS. There are profiles to switch from passive cooling to more aggressive cooling state.

Screen Size & Display Resolution 

The laptop has a screen measuring 15.6 inch and offers incredible 4K Ultra HD (UHD – 3840 x 2160) resolution, it is one of the very few laptops whic offers such high resolution displays.

The only other laptop currently available in India as per my knowledge with the ultra HD display is the Dell XPS 13 which is priced close to Rs. 1.3 lakhs. The Acer V Nitro Black Edition display is  based on IPS technology and offers good viewing angle to the Gamers.

The Graphics card has 4GB VRAM which is sufficient for modern AAA titles.

There are different Acer V Nitro Black Edition, there is also a FHD Display model which has an 1920*1080 resolution and costs less than the 4K version.


Processor : The laptop is powered by the Intel Core i7 performance series processor Intel i7 4720 HQ which unlike the U series (ultra low voltage series) is a very powerful mobile processor. Most of the laptops which come with discrete graphics cards use the U series processor like the 5500 U which are low voltage processor and are meant to increase the battery life of the laptops. The intel i7 4720 HQ is quite fast and is meant for  gaming laptops.

The intel core i7 4720 HQ is clocked at 2.6 Ghz at the base clock and can reach 3.4 Ghz with the turbo boost.

RAM : The laptop comes with adequate ram size of 16 GB which is enough to play all the modern PC games.

Graphics Card – Nvidia GTX 960m is a fantastic maxwell architecture based graphics card. The Nvidia GTX 960M has 640 shader units. It is clocked at 1097 – 1202 MHz (Boost) and it comes with the GDDR5 memory (128 bit, 5000 MHz effective, 80 GB/s). We were however yet not able to confirm the VRAM for model launched in India whether it is GDDR5 or not. If we get any further information from Acer we will surely update.

Acer V Nitro black Edition2

You can easily play all the modern games like Battlefield Hardline, Assassin’s Creed Unity, Witcher 3, Crysis 3, Batman Arkham Knight and GTA 5 on the GTX 960M at high to very high settings. The UHD 4K display however may not allow you to get high FPS even with the GTX 960M and you will have to reduce the resolution to 1080P while gaming.

It is worthy to note that even a single Desktop GTX 970 struggles for FPS on a 4K display; the mobile GPU’s are  way less powerful compared to the desktop counterparts.

Storage & Keyboard

The Laptop comes with 2 TB storage which is sufficient to store all the games and movies you wish to store on the laptop hard drive. The most exciting thing that the Acer Nitro Black edition have other than the GTX 960m is the back-lit keyboard. The red color keyboard makes the looks exotic and make it look more like a true gaming machine.

Acer has given a tentative price of Rs. 1,10,000 for the Acer Nitro black but we may see some good discounts once the laptop gets listed on the top e-retailers like Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal in near future.

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  1. I think I will buy this. I have been looking for laptop for moderate gaming and an IPS display for photo editing. Can you comment on any other model/ brand that I should consider?

  2. Hi guys,

    any one know. when lenovo y50 960m model will available in India.?

    this 960m IPS model released in US more than 6 months ago. but still didn’t arrive here!

    what happened to India.!

    [email protected]

  3. Would GTX 960 be enough for those titles that you mentioned ? Even if it would be a DDR5 version I don’t think it would be sufficient to play it with max settings, even on 1080p resolution.I guess the older GTX 865M would be better, what do you think? Can you kindly help me choose between Lenovo y50-70(4gb GPU version) and Asus G551 ?

  4. Hi Kanuj!!! Your site is amazing.. I love to read all articles you publish. I was happy to find an Online blog for the Indian Gamers. Good Job Brother!!! Keep it Up!!

    I can’t find the laptop anywhere on the Internet. If you find a link, please tell… Also, my friend is going to buy a Gaming Laptop as he is going to college. Can you recommend a good one in under 70k or 80k. Thanks for your help!!! Cheers..

    • dear harsh thanks for your words. please search candytech for 70000 or 75000 laptop u will find best suggestion in case u are not able to will share the links


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