Amazon India Claims to be No 1 in India E-Retail

Amazon India is celebrating today for being number one e-retailer in India in terms of website unique visitor for October 2015 based on Comscore data. And the portal is also offering a Rs 200 Gift card to the shoppers to celebrate the event.

Amazon India Claims to be No 1 in India E-Retail

This is a strategic claim from the Jeff Bezo’s e-commerce portal, we know that Flipkart is much larger in terms of volume of transactions compared to Amazon India.

Amazon has sent a personal email that says that it is number 1 not based on the number transactions or based on the amount of transactions, but is number one based on the number of unique visitors, who visit the Amazon website.

Amazon India Claims to be No 1 in India E-Retail

Now there some of the things readers might be aware, those who track the e-commerce closely will know this.

Flipkart don’t allow users to visit the mobile website and forces them to install the mobile App. The entire mobile users doing shopping or visiting Flipkart is through the APP interface. Lot of users don’t visit Flipkart from mobile browser, who already know it won’t open.

Amazon allows users to surf the Amazon India website from mobile, and users visiting the website through desktop + mobile are counted as unique visitors.

Flipkart unique website visitors = Only Desktop or Laptop users

Amazon Unique Website Visitor = Mobile Visitor + (Desktop/laptop Visitor)

And as Google disclosed some days back more than 50% of search traffic is mobile, you can easily say that approx.  50% traffic coming to amazon site is also mobile. For Flipkart the entire mobile traffic goes to APP.

I am not sure if they have factored all this or not in the claim.

The popular website which is often used in web Analytics states that Flipkart is currently ranked 7th in India and Amazon India is on Rank 5 in India among all Indian websites as per today’s ranking data. In July Amazon was ranked 7th on the Alexa while Flipkart was 5th so definitely Amazon’s web traffic is more than Flipkart.

Though Amazon is perfectly right in it’s claim “Being Largest E-Commerce Portal in India” but I would say *Terms and Conditions Apply to this :).

But the great news is Amazon is offering Rs. 200 free gift card for shoppers today.

Amazon is also offering a free gift card worth Rs. 200 for shoppers who do shopping from Amazon India today for more than rs. 500.

Buyer be aware, please read the terms and conditions for the free gift card before you are allured to make the hasty purchase. Terms and conditions Amazon gift card

If you are not too concerned about all of this, enjoy the Amazon Free Gift card :).


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