AMD AM4 Motherboard Zen Processor Launch Early 2016 India

AMD AM4 Motherboard will be the successor to the current generation of A3+ socket based motherboards which have been there for many years now. As per the recent reports the new motherboards/processors are expected to launch in early 2016, something PC Gamers can cheer about, as AMD fans across the globe are eagerly awaiting hardware updates from AMD (Advanced Micro Devices).

AMD AM4 Motherboard Zen Processor Launch Early 2016 India

The new AMD AM4 motherboards will also get accompanied with a new generation of processors called as the Zen Series.

The new processors are expected to be faster and more energy efficient (FinFET Design) compared to the current FX series of AMD processors.

The new Processor and motherboard are expected to be unveiled in March 2016, while as per the AMD product road-map I expected them to launch in the last Quarter of 2016.

The recent reports suggest that we may see them much earlier. The new generation of the processor is code-named as “Bristol Ridge” and will be based on the Zen Cores.

The new AMD AM4 platform will also have support for the DDR4 RAM and likely to have a completely revamped design for the boards.

AMD Fans have been waiting eagerly for something extraordinary from the company for long. AMD has been a poor second in terms of high-end Desktop processors, while Intel has been winning the war for last few years with it’s Core i5 and Core i7 processors.

AMD AM4 Motherboard Zen Processor Launch Early 2016 India

In upcoming Zen series, AMD is integrating a new much faster low latency caching technology in the new processors and expected to speed things up.

If AMD can produce a product which is equivalent or better compared to the Intel i5’s and sell it at a reasonable price they may find some hope in the high-end PC processor market which is currently dominated by Intel.

Competing with the Core i7 processors is out of the question at this stage for AMD.  Though AMD has been doing well in low-end range with price-conscious buyers.

Key Highlights for AMD x86 Processors With Zen Architecture

  • They will replace the current gen of AMD processors released in 2011.
  • New Zen Architecture
    • Using 14 nm FinFET process technology, similar to used in Intel Skylake 6th Gen
    • 40% improvement on instructions per clock compared to current Gen.
    • Up to 32 Physical Cores and support for SMT (Symmetrical Multi-Threading).
    • Support for DDR4 (8 Channels Ram)
    • Support for the PCIe Gen 3.0

Asetek Sends Legal Letters to AMD to Stop Fury X Sale

December 09, 2015 – In a related occurrence, AMD and Gigabyte are in a bit of frenzy as the Liquid Cooler manufacturer Asetek has sent them to cease and desist letters to stop the sale of Liquid Cooled AMD Fury-X graphics card.

An insult to the injury – AMD has been doing poorly financially and also underwent a corporate restructuring couple of months back & this is also a minor blow to the company.

The dispute over patent of liquid Cooler design was between Cooler-master and Asetek, which Asetek has won in a US court. AMD and Gigabyte use the same design from the Cooler master for the Liquid Cooled Fury-X and also for Gigabyte Waterforce system using Nvidia GTX 980 Ti.

Both the companies are served notice to stop sale of products by Asetek though no need for buyers to panic as it will go into a legal trail and may get sorted out.

AMD Today responded to Asetek :

We are aware that Asetek has sued Cooler Master. While we defer to Cooler Master regarding the details of the litigation, we understand that the jury, in that case, did not find that the Cooler Master heat sink currently used with the Radeon Fury X infringed any of Asetek’s patents.

AMD is going to continue sale and this can again go for a litigation between AMD and Asetek as the design of the Heat Sink on the AMD Fury -X is remarkably similar to the Asetek designs as per sthe tatement from Asetek.

AMD R7 360 Vs Nvidia GTX 750 Ti – The Faster Graphics Card.

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