AMD and Samsung Working On Advanced GPU Processors

AMD and Samsung are working on something special as per news from Reuters. AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) is the second largest manufacturer of desktop processors in the world.

Also, AMD is the second largest discrete GPU manufacturer which acquired the ATI technologies, largest graphics card makers in the world back in 2006. 

AMD and Samsung Something Special is Cooking
AMD and Samsung May Launch Technologically Superior Processor

As per recent reports, AMD may be looking at doing a secret handshake with the Samsung Semi-conductors division to manufacture technologically superior processors for both PC  as well as GPU’s.

Its arch-rival has dwarfed AMD in the last five years; Intel has moved far ahead in the desktop and laptop processors. On the other hand, AMD has lost significant market share to Nvidia in the graphics card industry, Nvidia controls more than 70% share of PC graphics cards market in the world.

AMD has been struggling but why? The primary reason is they have not been able to move to a smaller dye design and a more refined manufacturing process like Intel.  Intel processors Broadwell and the recently launched Skylake are far superior and use the 14 nm lithography. The excellent manufacturing process makes these fast as well as more energy efficient than the AMD 28 nm or 32 nm Chipsets.

While Nvidia has been able to push AMD aside with the energy efficient Maxwell architecture, which has made the GPU’s less power hungry, dissipate less heat and more powerful compared to the products AMD has been offering.

AMD also had some positive things going for it like the HBM (high bandwidth memory) and liquid cooled cards. But not significant to make any changes to its current industry standing.

Samsung, on the other hand, has been ahead of the competition as far as processors are concerned.

They already have access to the 14 nm manufacturing technology which they have used in the Exynos 7420 Chipset used in the Samsung S6.  Samsung also manufactured the Apple A9 chipset with the same technology.

If AMD pairs up with Samsung to create some of the technological advanced processor’s which can be used in desktop’s, laptops and Graphics cards.

It will be great for the industry as a whole as it will reduce the monopoly of Intel and Nvidia in the market.

The processors and Graphics card prices will get corrected with more competition in the market. All this is very hopeful scenario though either AMD or Samsung have not confirmed the news.  AMD fans can stay elated after all something delicious is cooking.

AMD also has been working hard on improving the user experience, recently they renamed the Catalyst Control Centre and launched the all new Radeon Crimson Software.

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