AMD Fury X Liquid Cooled GPU with 4 GB HBM Launched

AMD has launched the new Fiji architecture based graphic cards at E3 2015 yesterday to take on the Nvidia GTX 980 Ti and GTX 980. The New AMD Cards were launched at the Annual Game developer conference and was presided by the AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su.

The AMD Fury X is a liquid cooled graphics card is priced at $649 in the global markets and will go on sale on June 24, 2015 globally. AMD also introduced the AMD Fury graphics card also based on the AMD Fiji architecture, this card is Air cooled priced at $ 549 and will go on sale 14 July 2015. All the Cards are 100% DirectX 12 compatible and offer significantly higher performance compared to the DX 11 based graphics cards.

Lets Look at the Radeon Fury X First: 

AMD Fury X Liquid Cooled GPU with 4 GB HBM Launched AMD Fury X Liquid Cooled GPU with 4 GB HBM Launched Radeon Fury X 3 AMD Fury X Liquid Cooled GPU with 4 GB HBM Launched

Does it look Gorgeous with the Liquid Cooler and LED Lights – I bet it does.

AMD CEO Lisa Su in her presentation announced two more products based on the latest GCN (Graphics Core Next) architecture.The AMD R9 Fury Nano and a computer sytem known as the Quantum computers which uses two FIJI Graphics card to deliver insane performance for 4K gaming enthusiasts.

The AMD cards are not only meant for getting the higher frame rates but are meant to offer smooth gaming experience. The AMD Engineers wanted to build a solution which is tuned for higher resolution and is different compared to competition(Nvidia) and much cooler than what your friends have or your competition can deliver.

This was pointed to the Nvidia Air cooled GPU and comparison was drawn to much powerful Fury X which uses liquid cooling and is way quite under load conditions.

Richard Huddy chief gaming scientist at AMD said – It is an extraordinary achievement for AMD to launch the HBM based Fury X and Fury to delight the Gamers world wide.

With the new Fury X AMD brings the liquid cooling design with cool and quite performance. DDR5 memory has been there for last 10 years and was introduced by AMD but it is time to move to a new technology that is HBM(High Band Width Memory) which offers higher data transfer bandwidth compared to the GDDR5 memory. We expect that Nvidia will also launch the HBM based graphics card may be end of this year or early 2016.

AMD has been working on HBM for last 5 years and have developed the technology from scratch along with the memory partner companies. HBM gives you power and performance and reduce board space by upto 94% which is incredible.

Key Specs about the flagship AMD R9 Fury X

  • It offers 4K and 5K gaming – With HBM 1.5X performance per watt
  • Enthusiast Level Gaming card
  • Liquid Cooled
  • GPU Architecture – 28 Nm manufacturing process
  • Supports – DirectX® 12, Mantle, OpenGL® 4.5, Vulkan™, OpenCL™ 2.0
  • GPU Clock Speed 1050 Mhz
  • Memory Bandwidth – 512 GB/S
  • Memory Interface – 4096 bit HBM
  • Memory Size – 4 GB HBM
  • Requires – 2x 8-pin connector

The second Fiji based card from AMD is Fury and is aircooled version which is going to launch next month of 14 July 2015.

Comparing 290X with the AMD Fury X

290X – 2816 Stream processors
Fury X – 4096 Stream processors

290X – 5.6 TFlops
Fury X – 8.6 tFlops

290X – 6.3 B Trans
Fury X – 8.9 B Trans

Power efficiency

Advanced GCN architecture The Fury X offers 1.5 X the power efficiency of the Radeon R9 290X which saves you 50% of power under load. The Radeon Fury X also comes with LED indicators which shows how much load the GPU has at a particular time.

HBM Future of VR Fury X1 Fury X DX 12 vs Dx 11

More on Fury X

Raja Koduri chief engineer at AMD GPU unit described that they were the first to launch the 256 Bit memory interface in year 2002 , later they launched the GDDR5 in 2008 with 100 GB/s transfer rate and today they have reached a major milestone with launch of half tera-byte with HBM based Fury X.

The development approach for the Fury X is to look at 3D graphics rather than only looking at it from 2D perspective. With VR coming next year and next level of gaming is going to happen on VR Headsets which are launched by different manufacturers like Sony , Oculus and Microsoft the future below to 3D VR gaming.

The bandwidth per watt is very important HBM is going to transform the computing world and will come to more products like APU and other descrete graphics card in future.

The graphics card has high potential for overclocking and is an overclockers dream graphic card.

AMD R9 Nano

AMD also announced the mini form factor Radeon R9 nano Fiji with HBM. The graphics card is very small in size and extremly powerful. It measures 6 inch and offers more performance than R9 290X, utilizing half as much power consumption of AMD R9-290X. The AMD R9 Nano is expected to come this summer and we are expecting it will be great for people looking to create mini ITX systems which offers great performance in a constrained space.

AMD R9 Nano Lisa Su1 AMD R9 Nano Lisa Su

Quantum Computer Dual Fiji GPU

AMD Project Quantum2 AMD Project Quantum

Lisa Su also introduced the AMD Dual Fiji card based Quantum Computer which has two GPU’s for rendering 4K graphics. The incredible line up AMD has launched the family of new FIJI cards which will entice the Gamers to upgrade. The Dual Fiji based Quantum Computer is expected to launch in Fall 2015.

AMD CEO Lisa Sui said at the end of the event that – To realize every Gamers dream and offer them the best products for next level of PC Gaming feels good, and it is a great day for AMD. 

Concluding Thoughts

That’s all we know so far about the AMD R9 Fury X and Fury so far. If you are looking at the performance numbers How the Fury X fares against the Nvidia GTX 980 Ti which is also priced at $649 we will have to wait a bit for that. AMD also launched the AMD R9 390X , AMD R9 390 , AMD R9 380 , R7 370 and R7 360 for the entry and mid level gaming, we are covering details in another article.

Thanks for Reading – AMD Fury X Liquid Cooled GPU with 4 GB HBM Launched.

You can watch the entire AMD Presentation:



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