The new AMD Graphics Cards are on the market now and it is probably a good time to make a choice between the green or Red team. If you are looking to upgrade your old gaming Rig or want to buy a new gaming PC then which card should you buy in the Rs. 10,000($130) segment?

The newly launched AMD R7 360 or the Nvidia powerhouse GTX 750 Ti are good choices.

AMD R7 360 Vs Nvidia GTX 750 Ti

AMD R7 360

The AMD R7 360 was launched in June 2015 along with the other R9 and R7 300 series cards. The R9 300 series was a re-brand of the existing AMD R9 200 series. In fact, the architectural or technological changes that the R9 300 series bring over the AMD R9 200 series is not much to write home.

However, the new graphics cards are 100% complaint with the Microsoft DirectX 12, you may see a boost of performance when Microsoft releases the new DirectX on 29, July 2015 along with the upgrade to Windows 10.

Further, the benefit for the DirectX 12 will be for everyone and as per a statement released by Microsoft. The graphics cards will get a boost up to 20% or more, over the DX11.

Notably, the Nvidia GTX 750 Ti is compatible with the DX 12 as well. It is a long debate who will gain more from the DX 12 implementation AMD or Nvidia, or both equally, only time will tell.

The AMD R7 360 is available between Rs. 10,500 to Rs. 12,000 in the market and the price for the Nvidia GTX 750 Ti is also in the similar range.

Nvidia GTX 750 Ti

Asus Nvidia GTX 750 Ti image

Key Specifications for the Nvidia GTX 750 Ti 

  • The Nvidia GTX 750 Ti is based on First Generation Maxwell Architecture.
  • Cuda Cores – The Graphics card has 640 Cores.
  • GPU Base Clock – The base clock is 1020.
  • GPU Boost Clock – The boost Clock for GTX 750 Ti is 1085.
  • Memory Clock – 5.4 GBPS.
  • Memory Size – 2048 MB ( 2GB) GDDR5
  • Memory Bus Width – 128 Bit
  • PCI Standard – PCI Express 3.0
  • 3 D Monitor Support – Yes.
  • HDMI Support – YES
  • Minimum Power Supply required – Nvidia Says 300 Watts, I would suggest Quality 400 to 450 Watts.  

Let’s Check out the Key specifications for the AMD R7 360 Graphics Card. 

The AMD R7 360 is a mid-range graphics card made by AMD, based on 28 Nm manufacturing process. Moreover, it is based on Tobago Pro processor variant and supports DirectX 12 API. Additionally, it supports the AMD Free Sync technology, which reduces tearing effect in games with AMD Free Sync monitors.

Also, the R7 360 supports the AMD Liquid VR technology along with AMD Eyefinity technology for multi-monitor support. The AMD R7 360 even has crossfire support if in future you wish to use two graphics cards together.

AMD R7 370 Graphics card
AMD R7 360 Vs Nvidia GTX 750 Ti
Single Cooler Based MSI R7 360

Key Specifications for the AMD R7 360 Graphics card

  • Stream Processors – 768 processors (12 Compute Units)
  • Graphics card Core Clock – 1000 Mhz
  • Graphics card Boost Clock – 1050 MHz
  • Memory Clock – 6500 Mhz
  • Memory Size – 2048 MB or 2 GB GDDR5
  • The Memory Bandwidth – 112 GBPS
  • Memory Bus Width – 128 Bit
  • Supports – HDMI

Power Supply required – 400 Plus Watt PSU, I would recommend a 450/500 Watts PSU

AMD R7 360 or Nvidia GTX 750 Ti – The Faster Graphics Card

Gaming Performance @ 1080P (1920*1080) & 1680*1050

Both the cards are actually meant for lower resolutions like 1280*720, 1366*768, 1600*900 or a max of 1680*1050. You can play all the modern AAA PC games like Battlefield 4, Battlefield Hardline, GTA 5, Assassin’s Creed Unity upcoming Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, Witcher 3, Mortal Kombat X on both the graphics cards.

It would be better if you buy these cards to play on a resolution of 1600*900 or lower to have maximum fun out of the games you are playing. For Gaming on 1080P, I would recommend you to go for a GTX 960 or an AMD R9 380.

Gaming Performance AMD R7 360 Vs Nvidia GTX 750 Ti (2 GB GDDR5) @ 1080P

AMD R7 360 Vs Nvidia GTX 750 Ti

Nvidia GTX 750 Ti is faster by 10-15% in various titles compared to AMD R7 360, games like GTA 5 and Bioshock the Nvidia GTX 750 ti had even a larger lead Vs the AMD R7 360. The GTA 5 has been giving better performance with latest Nvidia graphics card drivers.  Also, AMD may catch up with better graphics drivers soon.

Gaming Performance AMD R7 360 Vs Nvidia GTX 750 Ti (2 GB GDDR5) @ 1680*1050

AMD R7 360 Vs Nvidia GTX 750 Ti

The results are pretty similar to the 1680*1050 resolution as well. The graphics cards performed in a similar manner at the lower resolution with Nvidia GTX 750 Tii taking the lead over the AMD R7 360.

Verdict – AMD R7 360 Vs Nvidia GTX 750 ti

Considering the price is almost similar for the AMD R7 360 it makes more sense to go with the Nvidia GTX 750 Ti which may be based on a slightly older Maxwell Architecture but not so old that it can’t beat the AMD R7 360.

The Nvidia 750 Ti is superior to the AMD R7 360 but lags the AMD R7 370 or AMD R9 270 or 270X in almost all the Gaming Titles. The last we checked Asus GTX 750 ti with Dual coolers was available for Rs. 11,550 and AMD R7 270X at Rs. 14,700.

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