AMD R9 370X Graphics Card Specs Details Price India

AMD R9 370X has been launched by AMD on 28 August 2015, to compete against the Nvidia GTX 950 which was launched on 21st of August by Nvidia. The AMD 370X replaces the AMD 270X which has been one of the best graphics card in the mid range, priced close to Rs. 14,000 in Indian market.

AMD R9 370X Graphics Card Specs Details Price India

AMD released the AMD R9 370 and R9 360 at the CES 2015 but did not released the AMD 370X which is the true successor to top selling AMD 270X.

The Nvidia Graphics card GTX 950 bridged the Gap between the Nvidia GTX 960 and the GTX 750 Ti. The Nvidia GTX 950 out performs both the AMD 370 and AMD 270X by a 10% to 15% margin in most of the latest games like GTA 5 , Assassin’s Creed Unity and battlefield hardline.

You can read more about the performance of Nvidia GTX 950 Here.

AMD launched today the small compact form factor AMD Radeon R9 Nano which is a top end graphics card and competes with the Nvidia GTX 980.

The AMD 370X is just a re-brand of the old AMD R9 270X and is based on the same 28 nm technology and have similar hardware specifications. With Minor improvements it can be just a little faster compared to the AMD R9 270x in gaming benchmarks.

It will go head to head with the Nvidia GTX 950 and may beat the GTX 950 in some of the gaming benchmarks while lag in others.  More on performance and game benchmarks for Nvidia GTX 950 and the AMD 370X will follow soon on CandyTech.

The graphics card has the same 1,280 stream processors, 80 TMUs, 32 ROPs, and either 2GB or 4GB of memory with a 256-bit bus.

AMD R9 370X

AMD R9 370X Graphics Card Specs Details Price India
AMD R9 370X Graphics Card

Techpowerup first spotted the AMD 370X Vapor X edition clocked at 1200 MHz as shown in the picture above.

AMD has launched the graphics card in China yet and will likely launch it in other markets soon, it is important for AMD to bring it in markets like India where there is huge demand for Sub 15K graphics cards.

AMD commented that it is a regional launch and global launch may happen later for the AMD 370X.

The AMD 370X is based on GCN 1.0 Pitcain Architecture which does not support the HDMI 2.0 technology or either the AMD freesync technology which reduces the stuttering in games.  While the Nvidia GTX 950 is based on the GM 206 Maxwell hardware and supports Nvidia Free Sync as well as HDMI 2.0 technologies.

I expect it to be priced closer to the Rs. 15,000 mark in the Indian market when it goes on sale,as of now AMD has just launched this in China.


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