AMD R9 380X Graphics Card Specs Price Availability India

Good news for gamers looking at buying the high-end AMD graphics card the new AMD 380X is expected to launch likely by the end of this year.

AMD R9 380X Graphics Card Specs Price Availability India

Some of the pictures leaked by a Chinese website shows us the new AMD 380X graphics card manufactured by XFX.

AMD R9 380X Graphics Card Specs Price Availability India

The AMD 380X is expected to perform closer to the Nvidia GTX 970 and will be placed above the Nvidia GTX 960 regarding performance.

AMD recently is going through a major organization level structural changes. Raja Koduri has been given the role of heading the Graphics and VR unit in the newly formed Radeon Technologies group.  AMD plans to bring more focus in the graphics card division with this alignment.

AMD also launched the new AMD R9 370X in the Chinese market, and yet there is no date for Asia/Global launch of the product.

AMD’s new 380X Graphics card is expected to have 2048 Stream processors which are more than the 1792 stream processors on the AMD R9 380.

The graphics card is likely to be based on the Tonga architecture and will be based on the 28 nm process technology.

The graphics card shown in the picture have 4 8 mm pipes for heat dissipation and comes with Dual cooler fans 100mm and with

The graphics card will have support for the Direct X 12 API and will also have the support for 4K gaming.

The AMD 380X will most likely not feature the HBM ( High bandwidth Memory) but will have 4 gigabyte or 8-gigabyte versions with GDDR5.

The graphics card is expected to be priced close to the $300 mark in the Indian market when it launches is expected to be priced close to Rs. 25000 to Rs. 26,000.

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  1. Hey Kanuj,
    I am a follower of your articles about gaming configs. So I am building a PC. Help me to improve it. My max budget is 80000 rs, and I have a fhd 1080p monitor, and keyboard mouse gamepad etc etc. So my build is—
    i5 4440 / i5 4690(non k) – 13000 / 16500
    Ram 8gb 1600mhz ~ 3800
    1 tb HDD ~ 3600
    120 GB ssd ~ 4000
    R9 390 8gb DDR5 (sapphire or MSI) – 32800/ 33500 (mdcomputers)
    Mobo- cannot decide which one to buy.
    Hyper 212x – 2500
    Cx750- 7000
    200r – 4000
    It is around 75000. Do I need to change anything? Something cheaper and better? BTW I want to stick with r9. So suggest something, and please help me with the mobo. Thank you.

    • buddy would suggest to look for the Z170 board and intel skylake 6th gen processor K series also have a deep look into getting the GTX 970 by Asus or Gigabyte as AMD GPU are less power efficient also you can get the DDR4 ram now cheaper.


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