Anandtech Acquired By Purch Does it make a Difference

Good Things Fall Apart so better things can Shape up. has been acquired by an investment company, Purch, on 17th December 2014.

“Anandtech has been the epitome of technology review websites, one of the most trusted & popular website globally.”

Anandtech Acquired By Purch : Some of the readers who have been following Anandtech would also know that it was founded by Anand Shimpi in year 1997, when he was just 14 years old. Anand himself in a write up told he had no clue what he was doing when he started Anandtech, he just wanted to share his knowledge with the world.

Anand Acquired By Purch

He started reviewing motherboards and later added Graphics Cards, RAM, SSD and recently Smartphones and tablets. He worked tirelessly to expand and create on the leading global technical online publishing company.

His parents were simple folks and were no way related to Silicon Valley, they tutored in education institutes. Anand was a young, insanely passionate, tech enthusiast who had penchant of writing articles on technology and specially PC Hardware. Anand Shimpi was the editor in Chief of the website, till August 2014, when he resigned from his own company and gave Ryan Smith his position.

Ryan Smith has a long experience with Anandtech and has written several editorials along with Anand Shimpi.

If you will ask me Why Anand Shimpi resigned from his own beloved technology Bible(, I sincerely don’t know. The reason which is circulating in blogosphere is that he has joined Apple to lead a division at the Cupertino office of Apple Computers.

It is not clear what he will do at Apple or what product lines he will look. Whether he will manage the online business of Apple or something else, only time will tell.

Sorry for my digression from the article that is acquired by Purch the same people who took over Tom’s Hardware in the late 90’s.

About Purche – Purch as an organization has a number of online companies which it owns and manages. It purchase companies and help them grow revenue. Tom’s Hardware, Tom’s Guide, and Top Ten Reviews are the online publications which are owned by Purch which has a collective massive monthly reach of 100 million readers.

Anandtech released a press statement and an detailed write up which explains about how and Why Anandtech got sold to Purch.

Background & Takeover Story

AnandTech represents much of my life’s work over the past 18 years,” said Anand Shimpi, founder, AnandTech. “I am happy to see it end up with a partner committed to taking good care of the brand and its readers. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.”

Anandtech was only focused on PC hardware few years back, then as a strategic call they moved into smartphones/tablets reviews.The volume of visitors are very high in the mobile/tablets segment, it was the right move for the organization to get additional eyeballs. The increase in traffic helps large websites to earn revenue from advertisements from partner vendors.

Anandtech in the statement said that the large corporate houses have huge funding and are able to rope in large investors who in turn provide more avenues and Data sources to generate more traffic.

Purch is one such corporate house which can help Anandtech get large advertisement accounts and improve revenue streams. Anandtech says it will be beneficial for the company to be acquired by the Purch and will help them grow exponentially in next few years.

Some questions may be intriguing the minds of informed readers, Why would a passionate entrepreneur, who created hell of a technology website will resign and go work for someone?

Anandtech may say that Purch will provide them additional contracts for additional revenue streams, but would Anandtech be same without “Anand Shimpi”. Will the new organization have the same rigor, vision and passion for technology that Anand Shimpi brought to the company.

History tells us what happened to Apple Computer’s when they outed Steve Jobs. Anandtech may become very successful in near future or decline is a matter of opinion, only time will reveal.

Tomshardware is also part of Purch which they acquired years back and was an arch rival for Anandtech. Now both companies are under same umbrella of Purch, Tech enthusiasts may not get the contradictory views from both websites there may be synergies.

Anandtech will become more professional with added resources but at the same time may lose out on the vision and passion which only a true entrepreneur can bring.

Source – Anandtech

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