Android Nougat Mobiles Are Just 2.8% Mar 2017

Google has shared the latest Android Distribution for the month of March 2017. The data is collected during a 7-day period ending on March 6, 2017. The Google Android Nougat is present on just 2.8% smartphones and 2.4% devices are on the Android Nougat 7.0 which only 0.4% devices are present on the Nougat 7.1 OS.

Android Nougat Mobiles Are Just 2.8% Mar 2017

It is already more than 4 months and the adoption of Nougat is abysmal. The Nougat share last month was 1.2% which has grown by 1.6% in the last 30 days period. Some of the major smartphone vendors have rolled out the Nougat update for the top end devices like the Samsung S7, S7 Edge , OnePlus 3T , Moto Z , Moto G4 and sony and HTC high end devices.

Android Share (Distribution) – March 2017

Nougat 2.80%
Marshmallow 31.30%
Lollipop 32.50%
Kitkat 20.80%
Jelly Bean 7.27%
IceCream Sandwich 1.00%
Gingerbread 1.00%

Most other vendors are yet to roll out the Android Nougat update and most Android users are still experiencing the 1.5 year old Android Marshmallow or the 2.5 year old Android Lollipop.  The Android Marshmallow is present on 31.30 % of devices and Lollipop is present on the largest number of Android devices with 32.5 % share.

While the 3.5 year old Android KitKat OS is still present on 20.80 % of the Android Smartphones Globally. Jelly bean has 7.27 % share while the Ice Cream Sandwich and Gingerbread has 1% share each.

We are seeing the Android Nougat adaption rate is much slower when compared to the Android Marshmallow last year.  It is a problem for Android eco-system and Android buyers if they are not getting a software update on time.

While on one hand Google devices like Pixel and Nexus line up get an update early on rest of the common folks have to wait till eternity for an update. iOS users are way lucky in that respect as everyone who is eligible to get an update gets it on day zero.

Google is also reportedly working on the next Big Android Update likely to be Android O (Oreo) which will come in winter this year with the new Google Pixel 2 smartphones. There is little known of the new features we can expect from the Oreo but the bigger concern is how will  Google speed up the adoption rates.

Source – Android Share.

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