Android Version Market Share (May 2017)

In May 2017, Android Lollipop has the largest share (32%) followed by the Android Marshmallow with 31.2% share. Android Nougat is present only on 7.1% of devices so far.

Here is a distribution of Android Operating System and Share:

Latest Best Android Nougat Smartphones

Android Distribution March 2017

Last month in March’16 there were about 2.3% of devices running on Android Marshmallow.Google couple of days back released the Android Distribution statistics and the share for the Android Marshmallow running Android smartphones are really low with just 4.6% of smartphones running on the Android Marshmallow 6.0.

The majority of new Android devices are still getting bundled with the Android Lollipop 5.1 while there are very few smartphones which are currently selling with the Android Marshmallow 6.0.


Android Lollipop is present on the largest number of Android devices and contributes about 35.8%.

While Android KitKat is also running on a very large percentage of Android smartphones accounting for 33.4% in April first week as per the Android distribution data released by Google. 

Android Distribution Share April 2016

How Many Smartphones Run on Android Marshmallow

While the Jelly Bean is present on a whopping 21.3 % of Android smartphones.

While rest of the share is taken by the older Android versions like Ice cream sandwich and Gingerbread.

Apple has been faring much better when it comes to distribution of the new iOS primarily as they are the only manufacturer of the iPhones and is relatively easy to push updates.

Adoption of the new Android OS is becoming a pain for Google as Apple is able to reach an 80% penetration of the iOS 9 in almost the same period.

IOS Distribution Share March 2016


The disparity is huge when it comes to latest Android smartphones.

While the new Android N developer preview is already out most of the Android users are not on Android Marshmallow, Google may like to change the situation in coming months.

Android Version Market Share May 2015

Android Lollipop has gained the Android OS contribution share and is now reportedly is available on 9.7 % Android devices.

The adaption of the Android lollipop is happening much faster in comparison to Android KitKat 4.4. The Kitkat OS took it’s own sweet time to expand, now Android KitKat is installed on 39.80% Android devices as per the latest data shared by Android Developers.

Among the Android OS versions KitKat is now the largest version, KitKat and Android Lollipop collectively are close to 50% of the entire Android OS distribution.

Android Lollipop is Now on 9.7% Smartphones

We may see Android Lollipop reach a 13-15% share in the month of June 2015, due to the massive growth of budget phone sales volume and availability of Android Lollipop for budget buyers.

June 2014 – Android Market Share

Google has posted its latest Android Share figures, revealing that KitKat is gaining momentum.It is quite evident in the Indian context as well that Kitkat is capturing the share & leading Motorola to a high position and propelling sales of online retailer Flipkart to the sky.

Android Market Share
Android Market Share

Google this week rolled out a new KitKat version, Android  4.4.3, which is rolling out soon to Nexus devices, and should hit other Motorola handsets very more quickly and news is there that Moto G & Moto X will soon get the update.

Android Market Share
Android Market Share

Based on data for a  7-day period lasted on June 4 revealed that KitKat has now on 13.6% of Android devices, up from 8.5% in May. That percentage is still smaller than Gingerbread’s, which is at 14.9% (down from 16.2% in the previous period). Likely that Kitkat will overtake Ginger Bread in next one month

Jelly Bean is still the ruler of the Android OS, with a combined 58.4% share for June, down from 60.8% a month ago.

Here is the Complete Android Version market Share June 2014:

Android Kitkat Market Share Grows Jelly Bean Still largest

Android Version Share Dec’14

  • Froyo the old version of the Android has a meager 0.5% Share.
  • Gingerbread has 9.1% Share.
  • Ice Cream Sandwich is a 7.8% share.
  • KitKat is at 33.9% share.
  • Jelly Bean leads the pack with a 48.7% share.

Data collected during a 7-day period ending on December 1, 2014.

Android Share June VS Dec 14


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