Apple 27 Oct Event Live Stream Time Upgrades iMac MacBook PRO

Apple has sent media invites for an event to be held at Apple’s Cupertino Campus on 27 October 2016.  The Invite says “Hello Again hinting at the launch of new iMac, MacBook.

The word “Hello” was used by Steve Jobs when he introduced the Mac back in 1984. The “Hello Again” bring back memories of older Macs for Apple loyalists who have seen the last 3 decades of Mac evolution. The original masterpiece Macintosh 128K, PowerMac, iMac-G3, Lisa and many more.

Apple 27 Oct Event Live Stream Time Upgrades iMac MacBook PRO


The event will start at 10 am PT and will get broadcast as usual on the Apple official website.  Notably, In India, it will be live at night 10:30 PM (IST).

We have been eagerly waiting for the MacBook Pro update and more eagerly for the iMac. iMac, as the rumors suggest, will have beefiest graphics upgrade.

MacBook PRO

The upcoming MacBook Pro can come with a new OLED touch bar. It will be above the keyboard, in place of the function keys.

The touch bar will dynamically display the function keys, and likely will add up some notification lighting.

Last significant upgrade for MacBook Pro came in 2012 with Retina display. Dell, HP, and Lenovo now offer 4K display in the top of the line notebooks (HP Spectre, Lenovo Yoga 900 or the Dell XPS 13). We will have to see if Apple bumps up the resolution to 4K.

The major upgrade for MB Pro last year was the Intel Skylake processor and the force touch trackpad.  This year MacBook will come with the Intel Kaby Lake 7th Gen Intel processors. Probably this will boost performance and will also improve battery efficiency.

Mac Book

The other major upgrade could be the design itself. MacBook has not seen a design change for long, Apple may like to make it a bit thinner and more gorgeous than it already is.

Additionally, Apple may drop the USB 3.0 ports and can have a  single USB type C port instead. They may even drop the  Magsafe power connector in lieu of USB Type C.  Apple always call it “Courage” when they drop good things. We will have to buy connectors, more connectors for USB drives.

Could Apple remove the 3.5 mm jack here too, I don’t think they should, but they “think different”.

The MacBook Pro is a great machine, lovable, adorable, I have current 13.3 MB Pro. It is a stunning device, great hardware and is affordable compared to the Yoga 900 , XPS 13 in India.  The only catch is if you can get master the OSX, after using Windows for 15+ years. It takes lot of time to master shortcuts in Windows and for working equally fast you need to know them for OSX.

MacBook Air needs an update and most importantly the abysmal display (1400*960) resolution. It is the most outdated component in otherwise a great machine. Most likely, Apple will update MacBook Air line up. We are daydreaming for a changed design, a better display with thin bezels.

iMac What to Expect

Coming to the iMac, there are few users in India who own an iMac and even fewer who have used the 5K display 2015 iMac. It is probably the best display, you could have on anything.

The biggest upgrade that I can comprehend for the iMac is the addition of more powerful GPU’s to run the Final Cut Pro X more fluidly.

Professionals, video editors, photographers love iMac. iMac offers great color gamut, excellent performance and above all simplicity of OSX and FCP to do video/Image editing faster.

Nvidia GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 are ideal companions for the upcoming iMac. Additionally, the Kaby Lake Intel Processors are going to be the key highlight for iMacs. That’s all we can say, for now, will update as more info flows in.

P.S – Intriguingly, the original Macintosh was launched on January 10, 1984, and Apple phased out the name Macintosh in favor of a more trendy “Mac”.



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