Apple Event 12 September 2017 (Today) – Next iPhone, Apple Watch 3, 4K Apple TV

Apple is expected to launch some of the coolest gadgets this year on 12th September (today) 2017 at the Apple Event.

Moreover, the company has confirmed the date of the Apple event and it is happening today on 12th September. You can watch the live stream on Youtube (for everyone) or from Apple official website if you have a mac or iPhone.

Notably, the Live Stream will start at 10 am PDT (US) and for Indian viewers, you can watch it around 10:00 pm in India tonight.

Apple Event 12 September 2017

In the past, Apple has unveiled the new iPhone in either the first or the second week of September. The new iPhone launches on either Tuesday or Wednesday every year and this year it is not going to be different. If we go by what has happened in the past, but Apple is also known to through surprises from time to time.

Apple Events Timeline over the years

  • Apple iPhone 5 event – September 12, 2012 (Wednesday)
  • iPhone 5s event – September 10, 2013 (Tuesday)
  • iPhone 6 event – September 9, 2014 (Tuesday)
  • Apple iPhone 6s event – September 9, 2015 (Wednesday)
  • iPhone 7 event – September 7, 2016 (Wednesday)
  • iPhone 8 event – September 12, 2017 (Tuesday)

Apple Even 12 September

The Cupertino giant can have 3 major announcements at the Apple event on 12th September (Tuesday).

  1. New iPhone Models
  2. Apple Watch 3
  3. Apple TV 4K

The above 3 are the big announcements which will have from Apple in the coming 2 weeks. iPhone is one of the most sold mobiles with over 1 billion phones already sold.

To recall, Steve Jobs launched the original iPhone, and this year it is 10th Anniversary of the iPhone, which makes this event even bigger.

Apple Event Venue

What’s in a Venue – The Apple iPhone 7 was launched at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco last year but this year it is rumored that Apple can host the event at the new Apple Campus (located in Cupertino, California) called the Apple Park (More Details).

Apple Campus

The event is at the Steve Jobs theatre at the new sprawling Apple Campus. The Steve Jobs theatre comes with 1000 seats for media and press for all major announcements and product launches.

Besides, the Apple Park is yet under construction and will likely get ready for the September 12 event.

What to Expect from the Next iPhone

Moreover, there have been lots of rumors about the name for the upcoming iPhone, I am still stuck that they will be called as iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus.

Apple Event 12 September – Next iPhone, Apple Watch 3, 4K Apple TV

Apple Can launch a new iPhone Pro model which Can be larger incomparison to the iPhone 7 Plus and can feature a bezel-less OLED display similar to Samsung S8 or the LG G6.

Apple May launch 3 new Phones this year

  1. 4.7 Inch Apple iPhone 7s
  2. 5.5 Inch Apple iPhone 7s Plus
  3. 6.0 Inch All New Apple iPhone Pro or Apple iPhone 8 or iPhone X

The new features for the iPhones are – support for AR, support for Wireless charging, facial Id. However, the biggest of all will be the improvements in the camera system.

What About the Apple Watch

The original Apple watch was first shown in 2014 with the launch of Apple iPhone 6. Last year Apple launched the Apple watch series 2  which came with waterproofing capabilities, GPS onboard and with 2 days of battery life.

Apple watchOS Whats New

This year it is likely to come in two sizes Apple Watch Series 3 in 38mm and 42mm.

Apple is likely to continue its partnership with Nike and will also have a sports edition of the Watch.

Apple TV 4K

Can Apple look at launching a new Apple TV with 4K support, we bet they can. Apple launched the Apple TV 4K even before the original iPhone launch in 2006.

Apple TV2 came in 2010, followed by TV3 in 2012 and Apple TV4 in 2015. So going by the previous trend and need for 4K support we can expect Apple to launch the new Apple TV 4K.


 What About the New Software from Apple

Notably, Apple back in June 2017, at the WWDC, unveiled the Watch OS4, along with the new Tv OS 11 (beta). The major update was for the iOS 11 and for the Mac OS High Sierra.

iOS11 Apple Pay

At this launch event, Apple can show some of the new exciting features from the new iOS in the product demos.

Lastly, Apple has already refreshed the iMac, MacBook line so we are not expecting much to happen. However, they can launch the new iMac Mini but chances are slim as it may get a refresh next year.

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