Apple iOS 9.3 – 6 New Exciting Features

Apple has announced the latest update to its current mobile operating system iOS 9 yesterday. The iPhone & iPad users eager to try out the latest version will have to wait for some time though as Apple is seeding iOS 9.3 for developers only right now.

The release of iOS 9.3 for testing is considered a bit of surprise as version 9.2.1 is in beta testing as well. Public beta versions should be out in a week’s time or so. The preview promises a host of exciting changes, innovations & new features.

In fact Apple itself considers it so significant they have set up special iOS preview page on their website. However what are all these changes and will they all be available for users in India? Let’s see…

Night Shift

Apple iOS 9.3 - 6 New Exciting Features

How many times does it happen, it’s late in the night and you can’t sleep while you keep fiddling with your mobile phone in the bed? Apple plans to tackle the problem of insomnia arising from bright mobile screens in the night with a smart elegant solution called the Night Shift.

The bright light of the display and blue hues make it difficult to fall asleep. Night Shift detects when its getting dark with the help of clock and your geo-location and automatically adjusts your display to make the colours appear warmer so that it’s easier on the eyes. In the morning the display reverts to regular settings.

Lock for Notes


Notes usually hold personal and vital information which is best kept private and Apple iOS 9.3 updates help you. To secure your notes from prying eyes it’s now possible to protect them using password or fingerprint. It’ll also be easier to find your notes now as you can sort them using new criteria such as alphabetically, date of creation or modification.

News App


The Apple iOS 9.3 News APP provides you with a feed of articles that are selected on the basis of your selected interests in For You. The app acts like an aggregator and pull content from online sources.

The app will also suggests trending topics and editor’s picks to help discover new interests. However News is currently NOT supported in India. For time being News is available only in USA, UK & Australia.

Health App


Apple iOS 9.3 revamped Health app allows you to easily add third party health apps as per the categories of your choice. You can choose and add apps meant specifically for Weight, Workouts and Sleep.

All these apps will seamlessly integrate with the Apple Health app so you can track everything from single dashboard. Again the apps may not be available in all the regions and we’ll have to wait and watch what we get in India. Now you can also use your Apple Watch to view and share health metrics.


Apple iOS 9.3 - 6 New Exciting Features

Apple iOS 9.3 makes the Car-Play some additions to make it more useful. Two major new features are integration with Apple Music and enhanced Maps. For You and New sections of Apple Music will now appear in CarPlay.

The Nearby feature in Maps which is most useful while driving will allow you to find places of interest with ease.

You can locate Petrol pumps, restaurants and parking places while on the move. However there aren’t many cars in India which support CarPlay, its feature that will not be high priority for Indians.


Apple iOS 9.3 - 6 New Exciting Features

Education has been a consistent focus area for Apple and iPad is seen as the future of textbooks. With the update Apple is renewing its thrust in the classrooms, positioning its devices as tools that enhance and transform studies. Schools can assign special Managed Apple Ids to students which can be used to log in to any designated iPad to make it their own.

The Classroom app lets the teacher take control of the lessons and guide the students through it. The app lets the teacher track the performance of each student.

The Apple School Manager allows easy administration of the devices; a single portal can be used to various tasks such as creation of IDs to purchase of apps.

Minor improvements include enchantments to Force Touch with more Apple apps such as App Sore, Weather, iBooks and settings now take advantage of the feature.

One noticeable improvement is the ease with which you can change the device wallpaper by firmly pressing on settings icon without having to go through all the sub menus.

Siri based search is also going to be revamped and will include features such as contextual search.
Besides these big changes there will also be a lot of bug fixes, security updates and under the hood enchantments to make the user experience smoother than silk.

Source – Apple

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