Apple iPad Pro is Incredible Intuitive and Great But

Apple iPad Pro is Incredible Intuitive and Great But

Apple iPad PRO

 We enjoyed the Apple’s launch event broadcasted from San Fransisco yesterday night. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple computers showcased the new iPad Pro along with all new iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, and Apple TV.

Update – 15 September 2015 –  Adobe revealed in a creative cloud press release couple of days back that the Apple iPad Pro has 4 GB of RAM along with the latest A9 processor. Adobe quickly withdrew the cloud document though it is almost certain that the iPad Pro runs on 4 GB of Ram.

Update – 15 December 2015 – Apple iPad Pro is finally launched in the Indian market and the price for the base version starts at a whooping Rs. 67,900 (32 GB WIFI Only). The 128 GB WIFI only model costs Rs. 79,900 and if you want the  4G LTE version it will cost you Rs. 91900. Apple Pencil which comes separately costs Rs. 8600 and the Apple smart keyboard will cost Rs. 14,900. 

The new iPad Pro is enormous with a massive screen size of 12.9 inches, the largest of iPad ever made by Apple.  Tim Cook said “iPad pro is the most prominent new in iPad since the iPad itself.

There were rumours of Apple launching a big screen iPad for a couple of months and we also reported it a couple of times, though I was unconvinced that Apple would do it, like Sony recently launching the 4K display smartphone.

The iPad Pro is incredibly intuitive and great but how well it serves the consumer needs or can it replace the products that people use currently. Let’s do a little more retrospection and loud thinking to understand in depth the new iPad Pro.

Apple iPad Pro is Incredible Intuitive and Great But

The Apple iPad Pro has 2732*2048 resolution display on a screen size of 12.9 inches which translate to 267 PPI, the highest resolution on an Apple iPad. The retina display is great as has been with all Apple products with great multi-touch support.

Processor – The Apple iPad Pro is powered by the latest Apple Chipset the Apple A9 processor. The processor offers 1.8 times the performance of what we saw from the iPad Air 2 on computing power and 2 times the GPU performance.

Smart Keyboard – Apple has introduced the new smart keyboard with the iPad Pro which has magnetic connectors and is soft fiber like thin keyboard which is very easy to carry. The keyboard adds support to do complex tasks and do it faster compares to the touch type keyboard on the iPad. This does not come free but costs another $169.


Camera – The iPad Pro is equipped with an 8 MP iSight camera at the back and has an HD camera at the front.

Fingerprint scanner – The iPad pro also features a fingerprint scanner much like the iPhone 6s and the 6s plus. The fingerprint scanner makes the iPad more secure and easy to access.

Pencil – If you have worked with the stylus on any of the smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 you would be familiar with the product.  Apple has improved upon it added enhancements like dual pressure mode. The pencil creates a subtle coloring effect with lower pressure and more stronger effect when higher pressure is applied. It is a good tool for taking some handwritten notes and drawing.


Apple also invited Microsoft and Adobe to showcase the ability of iPad Pro to do tasks such as presentations and work on excel sheets. Adobe showcased the cool photoshop app which works great with the new iPad pro pencil.

Pricing – On the pricing front, I am not shocked considering past Apple product prices experience. The iPad Pro 32 GB version costs $799 or Rs. 50,000 and the 128  GB version costs $1079 or Rs. 65,000.

Verdict – Once again I would say Apple iPad Pro is Incredible Intuitive and Great but are we missing something.

Why is iPad Pro Not for Everyone?

I have written this article using the latest MacBook Pro 2015, and I love Apple products. But some of the questions are relevant to you, or I spend a tremendous amount of money on the iPad Pro.

Can it replace the need for a MacBook Air or Pro, can it work better with the keyboard and pencil?

Apple showcased lots of drawing and painting Apps, and other apps along with the Microsoft Office integration. Is it proficient in office work and regular tasks? There is also a debate how good the pencil can work for professional UI/UX developers for websites and artists who like to use the full suite of Apps on tablets like Wacom Cintiq, which is meant for design and art professionals.

This is all quite subjective and in some cases yes the new iPad Pro can do a lot of tasks with support from the pencil and keyboard and in some cases like working purely on excel or typing long blog posts a Macbook air may be the right product.

The iPad Pro is appealing in its own way and has the shortfalls which were there for the Microsoft Surface Pro 3.

I have a mixed bag of feeling for the new Apple product, will share more about it when we get to it at the nearest Apple store.


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