Apple iPhone 6s Chinese Clone is Already Out Costs $200

Tim Cook would not be too pleased to see the new iPhone 6s launched by the Chinese fake smartphone manufacturers who have just released the iPhone 6s ahead of Apple. The fake smartphone looks scarily look very close to the real thing.

Apple iPhone 6s Chinese Clone is Already Out Costs $200

All images in the article are of the iphone 6s clone.

Apple plan to launch the new smartphone the successor to the iconic iPhone 6 in winters, but the impatient Chinese have created a copy at a very nominal price of $200. There are several fake Samsung and Apple phones sold on facebook and are always advertised much cheaper buyers need to be aware and stay away from such fishy deals.

If something sounds to be too good to be true, it is usually not.

Apple iPhone 6s Chinese Clone is Already Out Costs $200

The smartphone runs on the Android Kitkat however it is moded with the Apple UI and look and feel exactly like the iPhone.

The smartphone is unveiled in the grey and pink color. The pink color is looking good and help to attract some of the girls and women which original apple may not have appealed.

The smartphone scores around 1100 on Geek benchmark 3 which indicates a processor like a Motorola Moto G2 which runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400.

Apple iPhone 6s

The interesting part is that the smartphone not only looks like the apple iPhone but the Android kitkat is moded by the cloner so well that the OS looks fast and fluid like the iOS. Wallpaper and App icons are an exact match for the icons we have seen on the iOS 8.3 on the Apple iPhone 6.

It will be difficult for a normal smartphone user to guess the differences between the fake and the real smartphone. If you are a power user you can be certainly be able to spot the difference between the build quality and finish as well as you may be able to install the apps like CPU Z to understand the internal hardware on the device quickly.

Apple iPhone 6s Chinese Clone is Already Out Costs $200

What we Know so far About the Original Upcoming iPhone 6s so far. 

On the other hand the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus is going to release in the Autumn most likely in September 2015.  According to the leaks so far the new Apple iPhone 6s is going to use the same light weight 7000 grade aluminum alloy used in the Apple iPhone 6.

Apple iPhone 6s Chinese Clone is Already Out Costs $200

The smartphone is expected to get a new Faster A9 processor. The camera is also going to get a bump and can feature the 12 MP sensor for the rear camera.

Also the smartphone display will get the force touch that apple introduced on it’s Macbook line up this year.  The force touch enables the differentiation between light tap and harder touch enabling more touch sign supports on the upcoming Apple iPhone 6s.

The smartphone is also likely to have 2 GB RAM instead of 1 GB of Ram currently present on the iPhone 6. The smartphone also is getting a faster data connectivity with the advanced LTE support as per the reports.

The naming convention is most likely to be 6s and 6s plus, as apple will change the name from 6 to 7 when there is a paradigm shift in the smartphone models.

Here is a fantastic Video by Jonathan Morrison of the Fake iPhone 6s. Apple iPhone 6s Chinese Clone is Already Out Costs $200!


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