Apple iPhone 8 Can have breakthrough 3D Camera : Report

A new report has surfaced on web about Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8. The news state that Apple’s next iPhone can come with a cutting edge 3D camera. Apple is said to be working on several 3D imaging technologies, for which, Apple will utilize its own patents and also seeks LG’s partnership.

What’s So Special with this new 3D photography?

Smartphones with Dual camera setup are already in existence (iPhone 7 Plus and several from Huawei), and offers 3D imaging too. Apple have stepped into Dual camera setup with its iphone 7 Plus, but its next smartphone featuring dual camera setup will be running on more improved 3D image processing technologies.

A source from Korea claims that Apple is working on implementing its 3D camera functionality with LG-Inotek camera. LG is already having resources for such 3D photography; hence the partnership may help Apple in refinement of this feature for its new smartphone.

Apple iPhone 8 Can have breakthrough 3D Camera : Report

Further, Apple’s acquisition of Israel based startup Linx, connect some of the dots. Linx imaging is known for multi aperture image processing technologies, which may assist Apple in this new project.  Apple too has its own patents for 3D object recognition.

Interlinking all these moves by Apple, leads to assumptions that Apple may use this for improving augmented reality features , it will map the environment with digital information’s. While Apple so far has not shown any interest or showcased anything with VR. Tim Cook  (Apple CEO) has mentioned in one of the interviews that Apple is keep on the Augmented reality. He see it as a bigger opportunity to be developed for consumer use unlike VR which is less social.

While AR and VR are both the next big ideas, Apple may help AR industry to gain traction, if it comes with the new iPhone.

Apple Patents a Fold able device.

In addition to the 3D Camera, Apple recently patented Fold able element. It has raised rumors that the new iPhone 8, will be fold able. A fold able iPhone is little hard to believe, and placing a hinge in the middle of a touch phone may raise questions about durability, and aesthetics. But the patent images includes objects like volume rockers and USB port, conforming the fold able device can be a smartphone or could be another gadget.

Apple iPhone 8 Can have breakthrough 3D Camera : Report

However, fold able displays are still under initial stages. So, fold able iPhone may not be released any sooner. But apple may use this patent to release fold able devices in future.

Apple is expected to Skip Iphone 7s – Apple usually releases a smartphone in a manner, that a new smartphone series will be followed by the “S” variant for the next year. So as usual, Apple has to release iPhone 7s for 2017, but rumors suggest, that apple will skip 7S and will release iPhone 8 directly as to signify the 10th year of iPhone.

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