Apple iPhone X is Fastest Smartphone in the World Shatters Benchmark Records

iPhone X is Faster than All Android Phones

If you ever care to look at the benchmark scores, then Apple iPhone X is a monster which no one can come close.

Apple recently launched the Apple iPhone X (iPhone 10) powered by the new Apple A11 Bionic, 6-Core, 64 Bit processor. Although the phone will be available in November. It is tested on Geekbench 4, and results put all the top end Android phones to shame.

7 Features That Make Apple iPhone X Best iPhone Ever

Sorry Android fans, but it just blows everything by a huge margin. It is shocking, how much power has Apple packed in the tiny chipset?

Fastest phone On the Android side is Oneplus 5 with Snapdragon 835 and 8 GB Ram. Unfortunately, it is accused by XDA for rigging the benchmark results, by switching to a high performance mode during benchmarks.

Besides, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with the Samsung Exynos 8895 and 6 GB Ram also offers top of the line performance.

But the new iPhone 10 destroys everything, and with grace.

Geekbench mark Single-Core Score – Apple iPhone X

Apple iPhone X benchmark score

The single core score on Geekbench (Check More Details) is more than 100% higher compared to the Samsung Note 8 or the OnePlus 5 running on the Exynos 8895 or the Snapdragon 835. It is an annihilation of the Android phones with such a performance.

Geekbench mark Multi-Core Score – Apple iPhone X

Apple iPhone X is Fastest Smartphone in the World Shatters Benchmark Records

Furthermore, in the multi-core score, the Apple A11 Bionic chip destroys the Android counterparts. Nevertheless, It shows the prowess of Apple to make such an outstanding processor.

Also, the A11 is even faster when compared to the MacBook Pro 2017, which uses the Intel Core i5 7267U chipset in the multi-core performance.

Apple iPhone X benchmark score

Apple iPhone X is Fastest Smartphone in the World

The Apple A10 which powers the iPhone 7 plus appears as a Dual Core processor in software benchmarks. But, in reality, the processor is a Quad Core which comes with ARMs Big.Little architecture. Though only 2 cores are active at a time, hence it appears as a Dual Core processor.

But with the Apple A11 Bionic Processor, there is a change in architecture as all cores can be active simultaneously. That is why we see a very significant boost in the multi-core performance when we compare iPhone 7 Plus to the iPhone X.

The A11 Bionic comes with 2 performance cores, and there are 4 energy saving cores, arranged in 2 clusters(2+4). The performance Cores are 25% faster in comparison to the Apple A10 Fusion processor. On the other hand, the energy efficient cores are 70% faster in comparison to the A10 fusion cores.

There is also a new controller and architecture that allows the simultaneous use of all 6 cores, offering a 70% boost in the overall performance.

Furthermore, Apple has also added the 3 Core Apple Designed GPU to the iPhone X and it also offers up to 30% boost in gaming performance.

We can easily see a 200,000 Plus Antutu score from the iPhone X, iPhone 8/ 8 Plus when we get to run the benchmarks on the devices.

Apple products may not talk about the bigger ram or clock speed, Core count numbers but in real performance, they can kick A** of any product which boasts of such big claims. Apple has launched the iPhone X and iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.


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