Apple MacBook 2016 is Faster and Comes in Rose Gold

Apple Launched the MacBook last year and it is one of the thinnest machines you can purchase in the market with amazing looks. Yesterday Apple has added more muscle to the last year’s machine while keeping the design same.

Apple MacBook 2016 is Faster and Comes in Rose Gold

The other major upgrade is the increased battery life and the availability of Apple MacBook in the Rose gold color, similar to the iPhone 6s.

The MacBook was introduced in early 2015 and got launched along with the long-standing MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro. MacBook comes with a much better Retina display (compared to the MacBook Air) and also is thinner and lighter in weight.

The processor used in the last year MacBook was the Intel Core M processor which was clocked at 1.1 GHz, now the clock speed can be 1.3 GHz, depending on the configuration. The MacBook 2016 uses the Intel’s Core M 6th gen Skylake processor now.


The M series from Intel are low powered CPU’s which don’t require a fan for cooling and are ideal for the MacBook’s thin design.

The new MacBook 2016 also has a faster RAM, the clock speed is bumped up from 1600 Mhz to 1833 by Apple.  There is also an upgrade done to the SSD for the MacBook which comes with PCI-E based SSD and the speed improvements are close to 80% for the new MacBook.

With Addition of Skylake processor and other optimizations done to the MacBook, Apple is boasting an 11 hours battery life for watching movies and 10 hours while surfing the net. A great feat for a wafer-thin machine.

The MacBook 2016 is available for $1299 (Rs. 90,000) on Apple store with 8 GB RAM, 1.1 GHz Core M3 processor and 256 GB of storage. The higher variant with 1.2 GHz clock and above are available priced @ $1599 for the 512 GB version.

Apple MacBook offers great portability when compared to the MacBook Pro (my personal favorite) but lacks in the performance if you wish to work on applications like Photoshop or the Final Cut Pro. The MacBook has been copied by LG and even HP for some of the models they released during the CES 2016.


The current upgrades make the MacBook at least 20% faster compared to the older one.  It gives plenty of reasons to purchase for people looking for a gorgeous, head turning, rose gold notebook.

Apple MacBook Air Gets Ram Upgrade to 8 GB

One of the biggest concern for the MacBook Air buyers was the 4 GB RAM.  Though there were models available in US which came with 8 GB of RAM, in India the MacBook Air was available only in the 4 GB variant.

The 4 GB ram variant was not ideal for purchase even in last year.  Finally, Apple has listened to the fans and upgraded the base model from 4 GB to 8 GB.  Now you will not have to worry about the multi-tasking performance, and it is going to be much better value for money and future proof.

The 13 inch model of the MacBook Air has got the upgrade while the 11 inch MacBook Air model continues to come with 4 GB RAM. It is also likely that Apple may increase the display resolution on the 13 inch MacBook Air this year.

The display resolution on the MacBook Air is really low and comes with (1440*900) pixels, which should be at least Full HD now.

We will wait for the Apple’s Keynote in Sept’16 to see if that comes true.

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