Apple MacBook Pro 2016 Launched With Touch Bar Starting $1499

Apple’s latest event titled, “Hello Again” with obvious reference to the introduction of original Mac in 1984 which was introduced with “Hello” gives us a fair idea that the event is going to be centered on Macs. And it’s high time with a lot of models showing their age in the fast-moving technology world. The highlights of the event live from Town Hall on Apple Campus in Cupertino are as below.

The event begins with a video showing how Apple is contributing to making the lives of people with disabilities more comfortable. Apple is launching a new website dedicated to accessibility.

Apple MacBook Pro 2016 Launched With Touch Bar Starting $1499

Tim gives us an update on the just-launched iPhone7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Tim spends considerable time highlighting the camera and showcasing some photographs clicked by iPhone 7s including those clicked with the shallow field of depth effect.

The iPhones are powered by iOS10 which is already on 60% of the iOS users in less than a month. Tim directly compares it to Android’s latest version which launched earlier but is present on only 1% of the Android devices.

Apple Pay is now available in Japan.

Apple Watch Series 2 and Watch OS 3 are getting a good response, but industry reports indicate a drop in wearables. Lastly, the Apple Watch Nike+ is going to be launched from tomorrow.


Tim says the future of TV is apps and Apple has around 8000 apps for the ‘largest screen in your house.’ Apple has eyes on your TV and now offers over 2000 games and much anticipated Minecraft is expected later this year. Now you will be able to play Minecraft on your TV with your friends on iPhones and iPads. There are now 1600 apps from video content providers.

Ryan Troy from Twitter gives a demo of future of video on TV powered by Twitter. You can swipe on the Siri remote to view tweets and stats in real time. It’s an augmented version of the live TV with real-time responses getting channeled on your screen.

With universal search, you can search across all apps on the Apple TV. Apple aims to create a Unified TV experience, so you have just one place to access your movies and TV shows.

Tim announces a new app, simply called TV. Watch Now feature shows the Up Next which lists all the shows you are currently watching across your devices. TV app can pull content from different subscriptions such as Showtime, HBO, iTunes, etc. Library view will list all your iTunes purchases and rentals in single easy to see the screen. The app will also be available on iPhone and iPad. Siri can be asked to play a particular show, and Siri will play it for you, without you having to search for the right app to play that particular show. It’ll pick up from the episode you were last watching.

MacBook Pro 2016

This week marks the 25th anniversary of Apple’s first notebook, the Apple Powerbook. Phil Schiller is on stage to talk about the new MacBook Pro, 13” and 15” sizes available in Silver and Space Gray colors. The 13” MacBook Pro is 17% thinner at just 14.9 mm thick & weighs 3 pounds and 15” is 14% thinner at 15.5 mm thick and weighs 4 pounds. The track pad is twice as large as the previous trackpads, possible due to Force Touch technology.

Apple MacBook Pro 2016 Launched With Touch Bar Starting $1499

The keyboard now has the butterfly keys which were earlier present on the 12” MacBook. The butterfly keys may not be the most liked key due to their flat shallow structure. The top of the keyboard where we usually see the function keys are replaced by a slick looking display which is a dynamic keypad. Its retina display multiple touches called the Touch Bar. Touch ID makes its debut as well allowing to log in with a touch. It’s covered with sapphire and is powered by secured Apple T1 chip. The chip allows you to make purchases with a fingerprint.

Apple MacBook Pro 2016 Launched With Touch Bar Starting $1499

The keys on the Touch Bar are application specific and change to give the tools relevant to the app currently open. Siri has a dedicated key as well. Pressing the function key will display all the function keys on the Touch Bar like they used to be there.

Opening mail will change the Touch Bar to display QuickType keys which can suggest words and emojis. The emoji feature reminds of the emojify feature on the iOS, seems Apple is really into emojis this year, besides photos with Bookeh affect.

MacBook Pro will identify new users are touching the Touch ID and automatically switch user profiles on the MacBook Pro desktop. Now that seems like a useful feature because laptops are sometimes shared.

The display on the MacBook Pro is 67% brighter and has a 67% higher contrast ratio. The display also supports wider colour gamut adding 25% more colours. All this while it consumes lesser power.

MacBook Pro 15” Specs

The 15” model packs an Intel i7 quad core processor paired with 2133 MHz memory. The graphics are powered by Radeon Pro GPU based on the 14 mm Polaris architecture and supports up to 4 GB VRAM. The storage is super-fast SSD up to 3.1 GB/second with up to 2 GB capacity. The advanced hardware is cooled by a new thermal architecture with thinner heat pipes and new fan blades to keep the noise down. The new speakers now support twice the as much dynamic range of audio.

MacBook Pro 13” Specs

The 13” model is powered by Intel i5/i7 dual core 2.9 GHz processors paired with 8 GB 2133 MHz memory. The graphics are powered by Intel Iris Graphic with 64 MB eDRAM. The storage is super-fast 256 GB SSD.

Both the models have 4 Thunderbolt 3 ports with 40 Gb/second bandwidth support. All ports are USB 3.1 Gen 2 10 Gb/second and DisplayPort 1.2 inter compatible. What it means is that any of the four ports can be used for powering the system. It also means the end of MagSafe power port on MacBook Pros. Each of the ports can be used as Power, USB, Thunderbolt, DisplayPort, HDMI and VGA ports.

You can add up to two 5K displays made by LG to the MacBook Pro. The LG displays support 5K resolution and come with built in cameras and speakers. The displays connect to MacBook Pro over ThunderBolt cables.

Both MackBook Pro models come with 10 hours of battery backup which is about the same as the older models. Both the models are environmentally friendly and a list of features is listed.

There is going to be another 13” MacBook Pro model which will be closer the older models in the sense they will still have Function keys and will come with two Thunderbolt ports.

The MacBook Air is going to be retained with the 13” model but no upgrades have been announced. The third MacBook Pro is suggested to be the update for the MacBook Air because it’s lighter and thinner than the MacBook Air, which traditionally preferred for its extreme portability but the new MacBook Pro is now actually thinner and smaller.

The third MacBook Pro model is going to weigh 3 pounds the same as MacBook Air. The 13.3” model will feature a retina display and will be powered by Intel 6th generation core i5 dual core processor running at 2 GHz. The graphics will be powered by Intel Iris Graphics 540 with eDRAM. The storage will be 256 GB SSD with 3 GB/second speed. The connectivity is two Thunderbolt 3 ports, the touchpad is going to be force touch and keyboard will be 2nd gen butterfly keyboard.

Apple MacBook Pro 2016 Launched With Touch Bar Starting $1499

The pricing of the three MacBook Pro models is going to be from $1499 for 13” model with function keys, from $1799 for 13” model with Touch Bar and from $2399 for the 15” model. The prices show around $200 increase from the previous models.

The event wrapped up in comparatively shorter time with no mention of iMac, Mac Mini or Mac Pro. MacBook Air and MacBook got mentions but no upgrades. Absolutely no announcements of any other products like iPads which could mean another event focusing on iPads early next year.

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