Apple macOS & tvOS -New Exciting Features (WWDC 2016)

Apple took the wraps off the new macOS Sierra and the new tvOS. Tim Cook described that the future of Tv is the intuitive Apps integration and making your Apple Tv more integrated with other Apple devices.

At the WWDC starts with a Keynote Apple’s showcased the new exciting features for it’s operating systems, iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS.

WWDC is in its 27th year now, and Apple has a community of 13 million developers working on the large eco-system of Apple apps and fine tuning them to get the best user experience.

Let’s Check out some of the best features we are going to have for the new macOS and the tvOS which will be releasing this fall.

Apple macOS & tvOS -New Exciting Features
Siri Comes to macOS

macOS Sierra

Naming change, OS X would now be called as macOS to make the name in line with the same convention as other three operating systems. The latest version is christened as macOS Sierra.

There is a huge focus on continuity and seamlessness across the devices and operating systems within the Apple ecosystem.

Siri is now on the Mac. You can access Siri through a new icon on the menu bar. To find files, you can use voice command and use follow-on statements to further refine the results. Siri can play music, search for photos on the internet. Siri can send messages through voice command; help you find movies online, buy tickets online.

Auto Unlock – Unlocking and logging into the system repeatedly is a big waste of time. Now it’s is possible to unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch without the need to enter passwords.


Universal Clipboard – Clipboard works across macOS and iOS. Copy and paste works across devices. You can copy an item in iPhone and paste it in Mac.

Apple macOS & tvOS -New Exciting Features

iCloud Drive – now you can share your desktop across systems. All your documents can be accessed from the different system over the cloud.

To solve the issue of running out of memory, you can upload contents such as older files on the cloud. The cloud optimizes the data stored to remove useless junk and save the space.

Apple Pay – Apple Pay now available on Mac and can be used to make payments on the web. “Pay with Apple Pay” button would be available with participating merchants. By using this option, you can seamlessly authenticate the transaction using either the Touch ID on iPhone or tap on Apple Watch. Apple Pay is going to be expanded to 9 countries, but India is not one of them.


We like to multitask within Safari by using Tabs. Now tabs are coming to apps other than Safari. So it would be possible to open multiple tabs in Maps and toggle between them.

The picture in Picture – You can take an online video and put it in a new floating window. This allows the video to play while you can multitask easily. You can resize the window to your requirements.



Since the recent launch of tvOS in Oct 2015, video channels have rapidly increased from 80 to 1300. New Apps for tvOS include Sling, Fox Sports Go and Molotov (Molotov is available in France only).


Apple TV remote app is an app for iPhone which uses touch, voice to control Siri, motion controls to play games. You can enter text with the keyboard.

Siri can be used to search shows using voice. Siri searches 650,000 movies and TV shows. Now Siri can search YouTube as well on Apple TV.

The live Tune-In feature can be used to watch live channels on iPad and Apple TV.

A new dark mode for enhancing the theatre experience.


Single Sign On – Single login for all cable networks. It solves the issue of authentication on Set-top boxes by creating a single login.

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