Apple Sued for Slowing Down iPhone

Why are iPhone Users Suing Apple for an Update?

Here is the latest news from Apple, they are sued in a Class action lawsuit filed by more than 100 iPhone 4s users who upgraded their smartphones to iOS 9 and now claim that the devices have become very slow.

Apple Sued for Slowing Down iPhone 4s with iOS9 Update

As per the Law Suit, Apple iOS 9 update significantly interfere with the performance of the smartphone, and it is wrong on the Apple’s part that they don’t allow the users to downgrade from the iOS 9 to the previous OS running on the smartphone.

The complaint says that the iOS 9 has made the smartphone unusable as it is difficult to open apps and work with the device.

The complaint also says that Apple wants people to upgrade their smartphones every two years and knew beforehand that the update would cripple the aging iPhone 4s.

Apple would have known from its internal testing of the device about the real impact of the iOS 9 update on the iPhone 4s. The plaintiffs have argued that Apple even advertised that the iOS 9 would bring performance and battery life improvement.

While in reality, they could have warned the iPhone 4s owners about the negative consequences of doing the update.

It is a Catch-22 for the companies if they don’t give update users cry foul and if they give they are in for a lawsuit.

It came as a surprise to me really when earlier Apple announced they would be updating the 3 years old iPhone 4S with the iOS 9. We updated one of our iPhone 5 which is running well with the iOS 9 with no issues.

While it is a strange incident, Android smartphone users always complain about not getting the latest Android update on their smartphones.

Apple may look at fixing some of the issues may be in an incremental upgrade to pacify the iPhone 4s users.

Also, it is noteworthy that this time around Apple has cut down the price of the iPhone 6s immediately after the launch price of Rs. 62,000 in India to below Rs. 50,000. Though, Apple has not said anything officially buyers can purchase it online at a lower price.

Apple usually cut down the price after at least 3-4 months of the launch of the smartphone, but this time the price drop came much earlier.

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