Apple Watch Series 3 offers Cellular Connectivity Is Coming to India

Apple Watch has become number 1 watch in the world ahead of Rolex and has grown more than 50% in sales. The Apple watch has a 97% customer satisfaction rate.

Apple Watch Series 3

Watch OS4

The Watch OS4 will come with new enhancements including several features getting added for health and fitness.

Apple is making enhancement to heart rate monitor and app and will be able to share resting heart rate and recovery heart rate. Apple watch will also detect abnormally high heart rate when people are not active.

Apple also announced Apple Heart Study and will alert the users if the watch observes abnormal heart rate over a period of time.

Apple Watch Series 3

The Apple Watch Series 3 has cellular connectivity, unlike the earlier Apple watch. You can leave your phone and go with the Apple watch only and you don’t need the phone.

You can attend calls, read messages and can listen to Apple music on the go. The Apple watch can pair with the AirPods and can work seamlessly. The new Watch comes with a Dual core processor and it is 70% faster and you can also talk to SIRI on the Apple watch.

Apple Watch Series 3

The Apple Watch also comes with the barometric sensor to tell about how many stairs you have climbed.

The Apple watch display is an antenna and Apple watch uses an electronic sim, you will not need the physical sim card. Though the new Apple watch is almost as small as the Apple Watch Series 3, it is slightly thicker.

The watch is also water and swim-proof and it also has all day of battery life.

Apple also showcased how you can make a call using the Apple Watch Series 3. The new Apple Watch Series 3 comes in 2 version with $399 for the cellular version and the non-cellular version will come with $329.

Apple Watch will be available in some select countries recently there is a news that it will also launch in India Soon.

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