Apple watchOS Whats New – (WWDC 2016)

WWDC is the second Apple event of 2016 and is much larger than the previous one where Apple launched the iPhone SE. This year the Apple WWDC is being held from 13 Jun 2016 to 17 Jun 2016.

Tim Cook looked excited to share the new OS features and was trying to encourage the Apple developers by saying that they have been instrumental in the success of apple eco-system by creating Apps which are far superior to any other OS and offers best user experience.

Apple watchOS Whats New

WWDC is in its 27th year now, and Apple has a community of 13 million developers, and they have so far earned $50 billion from Apple App store.

Apple has showcased the new updates for the watchOS, iOS 10, tvOS, and the all-new macOS. Let’s check out whats new in the watchOS 3.

watchOS 3

watchOS 3 is unveiled at the WDDC 2016 yesterday night.

Apps Now Load Much Faster – The Apps on watchOS 3 now work natively on the watch and therefore now respond instantly. Compared to watchOS 2, apps load 7 times faster on watchOS 3. This is because watchOS 3 keeps favorite apps in its memory and allows background data refresh.

faster App access

Scribble – A new app for the watch; it’s a powerful way to respond to messages over the watch. It has a touch keyboard which lets you draw alphabets in both English and Chinese. Drawing alphabets in a limited space are accomplished by drawing over the last character, and the drawings get instantly translated into the text above it.

Scribble apple

New Watch Faces – Apple Watch has multiple new faces; Minnie Mouse is the latest new face to join the existing Mickey Mouse. New Activity face to display your activity all day through activity bars. Another brand new face is Numerals which displays time digitally. It’s easy to change faces simply by swiping.


Dock Button – The name and action of the Side button are changed. It’s now called a Dock button and launches dock of live apps. Some existing apps have got a refresh, Reminders and Find Friends app, redesigned for the Apple Watch.

Improved Notifications – Notifications can be pulled down from the top.

SOS Feature – Watch has a very helpful new feature called SOS. Pressing and holding the side dock button will initiate a call to emergency services. SOS can share your location through Messages, to your friends and display your Medical ID.

New Work Out APP – The watch has a new workout app to track fitness and health since that’s an essential use of the watch. Now it’s possible to share your activity through Activity Sharing by swiping on your Activity Rings to see family and friends’ rings. You can communicate with them through Messages integrated within the Fitness app. You can share your heart rate and send voice messages.


Breathe – A new app to achieve better health through deep breathing exercises. The app guides through breathing exercises to help relieve stress. You can set Smart notifications to remind you to do breathing exercises. Haptic feedback can be used to exercise even with closed eyes.

New APIs will make available to the developers to take advantage of watch hardware. The watch now supports Apple Pay. Fitness apps can run in the background to give real-time data such as heart rate.


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