Are People Getting Addicted to VR – Oculus Says Yes

Oculus Says Yes some of the buyers are loving the immersive experience too much.

As per the latest data shared by Oculus Gear VR there are some interesting insights in the User behavior and how people are using the VR headsets. The current report says that the Gear VR users spent 25 minutes in the VR environment every day.

Are People Getting Addicted to VR - Oculus Says Yes

These are positive numbers for a start and Oculus expects that this will grow exponentially.

The data was collected for the month of April 2016 and shows a positive trend for VR users and adaption of VR.  “Oculus’ mission is to help people experience anything, anywhere,” Max Cohen, Oculus’ head of mobile.

1 Million VR Users Spend 25 Minutes Per Day

According to Oculus the users are highly engaged and are enjoying the much superior experience offered by the Oculus Rift as well as Gear VR.

Oculus is also working on improving the number of Apps and Games available to the users.  Learning from the success of Android and Apple App stores with millions of Apps , oculus wants to give plenty of choices to the VR users and are also rolling out new design for the VR Home design next month.

Oculus has over 250 Apps in the Home design studio which they will revamp up in the coming months.

To give users a thrilling experience Oculus is launching

  • 6×9 (available now), a Guardian-produced film that puts you in a solitary dark prison to experience what is it like to be an rogue inmate.
  • Notes on Blindness: Into the Darkness – puts you in the body of someone who is going blind day by day.
  • Nomads – Lets you live the toughened life of Nomads like those of Massai Tribe of Kenya (the lion hunters).
  • Oculus is also working with the Discovery channel to put you in the most treacherous sea waters with some groovy sharks.

These are some of the most entertaining things you can do in virtual reality which were otherwise not possible to do with the conventional systems.

We may like or not like but VR is upon us and it is a matter of years when the young generation will adapt to the technology as it gets cheaper. The problem right now is of content creation as well as the skyrocket price for good VR headsets like Oculus Rift. But all will be sorted if we fast forward to 2020.

VR is the next big thing that many industries are banking on and after the mobile revolution everyone is launching their own VR headsets. Google recently announced that they are working on VR headsets which will be stand alone units and will not require a computer or smartphone to run it.

The VR headset will have the hardware integrated and optimized for the VR experience and will deliver adrenaline pumping experience without breaking the bank.

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