Ashes Cricket 2017 Releasing on PC, PS4 and XBOX One (16 Nov)

A New Cricket Game is Coming on 16th November 2017

Ashes Cricket is a new cricket game which is going to launch on 16th November of PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

Something to rejoice for cricket fans all over the world as there is a dearth good cricket games on all platforms.

The game is developed by big Ant studios who have also designed the last major cricket game – Don Bradman Cricket 2017.

The big Ant studio is based out of Australia, and both the Don Bradman and Ashes have an Australian origin.

Ashes Cricket 2017

The Ashes series was named after the loss of England to Australia for the first time at the home ground in the oval.

A British newspaper published a satirical obituary calling it as the death of English cricket and the body will be taken to Australia as a trophy.

Since then the Ashes trophy has been a contest between the two nations, and they have the same rivalry in cricket like India and Pakistan.

The game is going to be released on 16 November, a week ahead of the Ashes 2017 series which is going to start in Brisbane Australia on 23 November this year.

The timing is perfect for the developer who will not have to spend high on publicity as the Ashes itself will help with the cause.

This year the test series is hosted by Australia and will be a tough tournament as ever.

Ashes Cricket

The earlier game Don Bradman cricket was not perfect and had a long learning curve, buggy AI, and sub-par graphics.

The new game is expected to be a step ahead and will take care of the issues present in the older game.

The Ashes will come with a career mode which will allow you to pick up a new player and make him rise in his professional cricketing career.

The studio has this time also licensed the names for bigger stadiums and will feature actual stadiums in the game.

Big Ant Studios has also promised more realistic players in the game for both male as well as female teams.

Cricket is a religion in India and lot of fans are waiting for a world-class cricketing game, oh how dearly I miss those made by Electronic Arts with great graphics, AI, and gameplay.

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