There is much to love and hate in this new Assassins Creed Origins. We all have done this dance of death of promising ourselves not to buy into another Assassins collectathon games and every year majority of us succumbs to our mighty urges and sweet force of habit.

Fans would argue that the most innovative thing Ubisoft did with Assassins Franchise in a while is NOT releasing a game. Funny as it sounds, this year we may have mixed reactions to this new direction Assassins Creed is taking us.

Assassin's Creed Origins

The Previous Assassins Creed Syndicate sales were hit hard by the bugs that even plague the Unity before it. At the launch, Syndicate was the lowest selling major AC game. Even when the game generally was applauded for the dual protagonist, good reviews, and bug-free launch. 

So has this new game got enough teeth? let’s dive into the details.

Much of what we reported regarding the setting leaks and mechanics are true.

Eagle Vision

Its mechanics are changed to literally mean Eagle Vision. In Origins, now you can use your drone (err..I meant Eagle) to scout the area forward in a beautiful fashion while appreciating the vista and getting an unobstructed free view of every enemy visible on the ground. The Eagle kind-of can hover in mid-air to get you enough time for tagging each enemy  – Farcry Style.

Assassin's Creed Origins

Farcry Style – Bandit Camps 

Assassin's Creed Origins

Yes. Ubisoft’s habit of sharing all their mechanics in all their games is a hit and miss with some people. Origins now come with enemy camps with enemy Levels signifying the difficulty in clearing out that camp. You can release wild animals from their cages to do your work.

Assassins Creed Origins is an RPG?

A bold new move by moving away from those quick kills and meaningless loot, this year AC is literally an RPG.

The weapon has their own stats and Classes. Whether you can wield them or not depends upon your character level. Yes, your character level like a traditional RPG now changes the pacing and difficulty of the game. Everything in the game is now XP driven.

(Image: 3 Weapon Tree)

You have an extensive Skill tree which seems to be impacting the way you play – we can hope. Experience Level dictates the game so much that you can’t even Stealth Kill enemies which are even 1 level above than you. If you stumble upon an enemy camp with 1 level higher enemies than you, taking the action route is the only option you will have.

So forget challenging yourself with tougher opponents in terms of stealth, as this system seems counter-initiative in encouraging players to explore this Egypt world on their whim. However, Ubisoft has clarified regardless of your character level you will be able to stealth kill everyone but only in main campaign missions.

The Combat is also akin to an RPG-action based game. Unlike past games, where you just wait for opponents to attack and counter, in this game you have your dodge, roll, quick/heavy attacks as well as adrenalin based attacks.


Ubisoft teases out a little in terms of collectibles in Syndicate by a margin. We will be glad to see useless sidequests and collectibles stripped off from the game as much as possible. This AC or in-fact any RPG have to compare itself from Witcher 3 in terms of these things. The Map does look huge, according to Ubisoft it’s the biggest AC map they have ever done – which is frankly not what AC fans were clamoring for.

You can traverse the world on boats and horses. Horse fighting and underwater adventures (in which our Assassin has stupidly long hold breath time) is also a prominent point.

Assassin’s Creed Origins will be released on 17th October 2017, on PS4, PS4: Pro, XB1, XB1:X, and PC.  

Also, Don’t Forget To watch 20 minutes of Assassin’s Creed Origin Gameplay on XBox One X:

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