Asus India Overclocking Contest : Win 30K

Asus India OverClocking Contest Details

Asus has kicked a contest for PC Gamers who love to overclock there Gaming PC’s and the winner of the contest can earn some prizes too. While the Overclocking contests are a big deal in the US and UK and countries like Korea, China, and Japan, India has no such contests.

Asus India Overclocking Contest

It is heartwarming news that we are also making progress and such contests are done by brands to popularize PC gaming. The tournament will be held in 4 different cities in India and will have the final round in Mumbai.

The tournament started earlier this month with the first round in Kolkata and will move to Bangalore now for the second phase and later will happen in New Delhi and then in Mumbai. Being a hardcore PC enthusiast, I would be attending the Mumbai event in all likelihood.

Asus Rog series hardware is the official sponsor for the contest and will be a sponsor for the prize money too. Though the prize money is not too much, the competition gives a platform to PC gamers to come together and experience some of the Best Gaming PC Builds out there.

India’s First OC Tournament By Asus

It is the first overclocking tournament in India as far as I can remember, I have never heard about any done before in India.

It is great for both Gamers as well as companies to host such tournaments as they also get to showcase new Hardware and components which mostly don’t come in the knowledge of mainstream Gamers.

Asus India Overclocking Contest

Hardware Showcase

Asus primarily showcased the latest Graphics card like GTX 980 Ti and AMD R9 390X and overclocking capability of both graphics cards and processors using the ROG series motherboards.

Also, the Overclocking tour will feature an “extreme overclocking” session by Hazzan Jadid, a renowned over-clocker from Indonesia. More local enthusiasts Shatul “Toolius” Durlabhji and Sumon “Techarx” Pathak will join him.

It is great to see some international PC enthusiasts attending too and showcasing some of the monstrous builds with multi GPU crossfire and SLI along with liquid cooling.

Showcased in the event were the ROG Maximus VIII Formula, Maximus VIII Hero Alpha, ASUS B150 Pro Gaming/Aura and TUF Sabertooth Z170 Mark 1. Regarding the graphics cards, there was the Strix GTX 980 Ti with the Strix R9 390X.

Kudos to Asus for Hosting the First Ever Overclocking tournament.

Candytech expects that there are more such events from AMD, Nvidia, Gigabyte and other major brands for PC gamers to honor E-Sports in India.

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