Asus Launches Nvidia GTX 950 OC Edition – Specs, Price, Details India

Asus has silently introduced the new OC edition of the Nvidia GTX 950 the mid-range graphics card.  Nvidia GTX 950 was launched back on 21-August-2015. The graphics card will go on sale in the US and other markets and may land in Indian market later.

Asus Nvidia GTX 950 OC Edition – Specs, Price, Details

Asus Launches Nvidia GTX 950 OC Edition

Nvidia GTX 950 is the lower variant of the Nvidia GTX 960 which was launched in February 2015.

The Nvidia GTX 950 is available for Rs. 15,000 in the Indian market and competes with the AMD R9 270x or the  AMD R9 370X graphics cards.

Additionally, the Asus GTX 950 comes with a unique white colored design with blue colored strikes which makes it look distinguished from other Asus cards.

The graphics card has a decent cooling solution with twin cooler fans to ensure seamless heat dissipation.

Moreover, Asus claims that the new fan design improves the airflow to the graphics card makes it near silent in operation. The Graphics card utilizes Auto Extreme technology and Super Alloy Power 2.

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The Graphics card comes with 2 GB of GDDR5 memory with a memory clock speed of 6100 Mhz.

Also, the bus width for the memory is 128 bits for the GPU and is based on the Maxwell Architecture which is highly energy efficient.

The graphics card has a core clock of 1076 Mhz on the default base level and has a turbo boost of 1253 Mhz.

Further, there is also an OC Mode under which the base clock stays at 1102 Mhz while the boost clock can jump to 1279 Mhz.

Asus GTX 950 White Color

Asus Launches Nvidia GTX 950 OC Edition

The graphics card comes with the option to connect to DVI, HDMI display ports.  Besides, Asus Nvidia GTX 950 is a good mid-range graphics card ideally suited for PC in the price range of Rs. 45,000 to Rs. 60,000.  It will go well with both the Intel Core i3 or the Intel Core i5 processors.

Most modern games like GTA 5,  Assassin’s Creed Unity or even the Syndicate are a playable using 720P display or even 1080P settings.  However, For 1080P we would recommend going for the GTX 960 or even Nvidia GTX 970 if you wish to max out the latest gaming titles.

Though there is not too much of a difference between the GTX 950 from Asus or MSI which we tested a couple of weeks back. The new Asus GTX 950 is yet not available in the Indian market may arrive in a couple of weeks. Lastly, I think the graphics card will go on sale for 15 to 17K in the Indian market.

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