Asus ROG GL552JX is it best Laptop Under 70K

Asus has launched the ROG GL552JX Gaming laptop in India and this Asus has priced it right. The laptop is available on Flipkart now for a price of Rs. 69,900. It is an incredible machine no doubt but is it the best laptop that Indian Gamers can buy for a budget of Rs. 70,000 we will find out soon as we read through.

Update – 18-December-2015 – Though the Laptop was launched at Rs. 70,000 now the price has increased to Rs. 77,000.

Keep a watch on the price and you may get lucky to buy it around 70k with some holiday season discounts and credit/debit card offers from banks.

It is one of the cheapest ROG notebook ever made by Asus and no doubt offers great performance for the money.

Asus Rog

Let’s First Discuss the Key Specs for the Asus ROG GL552JX in detail.

Design – Asus ROG GL552JX

Design – High strength, stealth style Aggressive, stealth fighter-inspired design ROG GL552 is as attractive as it is strong, with a design aesthetic inspired by the F-22 stealth fighter and intricate Mayan detailing above the beautiful backlit keyboard. Undoubtedly the laptop looks good and aggressive as a gaming laptop should. If looks could kill this Asus ROG can surely do that.

The laptop weighs 2.6 KG, not very high for a gaming laptop that carries a lot of arsenals.  It comes only in black color and measures – 38.2 x 25.5 x 1.60 ~3.26 cm (WxDxH).

Display and Sound

The display is Full HD with 1920*1080 resolution and measures 15.6 inches.  The display panel is IPS LED Backlit antiglare screen and has a matte finish to it. Asus Rog boasts of wide 178-degree viewing angles, you’ll enjoy full vivid-color glory from even the most extreme positions. The display is FHD which is great for gaming, reading the text, or watching movies. A lot of laptops around Rs. 70,000 still pack a 1366*768 HD display but the Asus has got it right with GL552JX.

Asus ROG GL552JX is it best Laptop Under 70K

Also, the sound is pretty good and GL552 pumps out rich, crystal-clear high-fidelity audio with exclusive Sonic Master technology. Even has the ROG AudioWizard services. Besides, there are different sound genre’s you can choose to even enhance your gaming experience. Well, most gamers don’t use the tiny speakers of the laptop when they can get the incredible Gaming headsets for maximum enjoyment.

Keyboard and TrackPad

DO you love the backlit keyboards, they are rare and come only with the Macbooks or very high-end gaming Laptop, Asus has done great with this mean machine as it comes with red led lit keys that adds to the aggressive looks of this mean machine.

Asus Rog GL552 keyboard

Additionally, the Keyboard keys are soft-touch with a 1.8mm travel distance. Further, the marked WASD key group and a dedicated numeric pad enable fast full control. In fact, the low travel distance for the keys gives you an advantage in gaming as well as typing with least force required to press them. These are feather light in response.

Storage & RAM

Furthermore, the Asus ROG GL552JX comes in different variants starting with 1 TB storage to a 2TB storage along with a 256 GB SSD. The model we are talking about has 1 TB HD with 7200 RPM, definitely better than the 5400 RPM drive which comes with other laptops.

The RAM is 1600 Mhz with a capacity of 8GB which is more than sufficient to run most modern gaming titles like Assassin’s Creed Unity, Witcher 3, Batman Arkham Knight and GTA 5.

It comes with the latest OS Windows 8.1 that you can always upgrade to Windows 10. Notably, the Windows 10 releases on July 29 this year.

Let’s now talk about the important part, the gaming performance, processor, and graphics card.


The processor is best in class you better not compare it the other Core i7 processors with U(Ultra Low voltage suffix). Powering the Asus ROG GL552JX is the Intel® Core™ i7 4720HQ 2.6 GHz ~ 3.6 GHz Processor. It is one of the fastest Intel Core i7 out there and adds a lot of processing muscle on this incredible machine.

The chipset used in the laptop is Intel® HM86 Express Chipset.

Graphics Card

Graphics card is the heart of any gaming machine and Asus Rog has a good heart.  The ROG uses NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 950M with 2GB DDR3 VRAM.  The graphics card is powerful and can run most of the latest games on the 1920*1080 resolution.

GTA 5 Images (13)

However, the graphics card used by Asus is a GDDR3 version of GTX 950 M that uses significantly lower clocked RAM (2000 Mhz) Vs the 5000 Mhz RAM on the GDDR5 version the performance difference is there between the GDDR5 version graphics card and the GDDR3 one.

It has a performance lower than the GTX 850 m or close to the GTX 840M with GDDR5. Having said this Asus is known to make some of the best Laptops with efficient cooling and design, we can expect the laptop to perform well compared to some of the poorly designed Laptops.  Again the VRAM is also 2GB while some of the AAA games may be more demanding and may require slightly more than the 2GB RAM at 1080P.  However, most of the gaming titles will run fine on this powerful machine.

Should You Buy Asus ROG GL552JX  or Some other laptop at 70K?

The Asus ROG is a fantastic machine with good overall specs and design. It has a very fast processor and decent GPU. You can definitely buy it for a budget of Rs. 70,000. If you have a slightly higher budget you can also buy the Lenovo Y 50-70 which has a GDDR5 860M which is definitely better than the GTX 950M with DDR3.


  1. the gpu is’nt worth the price you’re paying…look for something with a 960m for decent gaming or 970m if the budget allows

  2. Where it is available bro….in flipkart…its an old version….. Or above 1……y because…it has so many reviews

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